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SafeTech Alarm Systems is pleased to announce that we have been recognized as one of HomeStars 'Best of 2014!' for Toronto! These coveted awards are presented to companies that earn the highest reputation rankings based on thousands of reviews made by homeowners on homestars.com.

It is the fifth-straight year that SafeTech has been recognized by HomeStars. We’d like to thank all of our clients for their support, their reviews and for making this possible. We pride ourselves on our dedication to customer service excellence and are delighted to receive this recognition from our customers. Thank you.


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Alarm Systems from SafeTech

alarm systems

Alarm systems reduce the chance of a 'break and enter' by 10x when compared with a home or office that does not have any type of alarm systems or security installed. Combining one or more surveillance tools, such as alarm systems & video security cameras, reduces your chance of a 'break and enter' by 40x when compared with an unprotected property. You can trust alarm systems from SafeTech to keep your home or business safe and secure, regardless of the size or layout of your property. Installing alarm systems is a key way to protect your property. Our loss prevention professionals will work with you to determine which alarm systems and security tools will work best to protect your location. When combined with security guards, access control, security cameras or other tools, alarm systems provide even stronger security.

Choose SafeTech for home alarm systems and commercial alarm systems.

Burglar Alarm Systems Provide Security

alarm systems

Burglar alarm systems protect properties from theft, damage and vandalism. At SafeTech Alarm Systems, we understand the critical importance of security. This is why we work hard to provide high-quality security tools and expert advice.

SafeTech Alarm Systems loss prevention advisors ensure that our home security and business security clients receive proper security, surveillance and alarm system coverage. We take advantage of a significant arsenal of security and surveillance tools and techniques to secure your home or business.

A home security or business security advisor begins by having a detailed discussion to determine your specific application and home security or business security needs. The security advisor then prepares a comprehensive business security or home security recommendation. We can even suggest complimentary services - such as security cameras, security guards, access control systems or smart home monitoring - to increase security.

"How quickly a security company deciphers and responds to these conditions is a true measure of the quality of their service".

Sean O’Leary - President, SafeTech Alarm Systems

Smart Home Monitoring: Watch Your Home from Anywhere!

Smart home monitoring allows you to watch over your home from just about anywhere with an Internet connection. Our tools and security systems allow you to control your property’s lighting, temperature, security system and more remotely just by using your laptop, smart phone or any Internet-connected device.

You can watch over your property from work or while travelling to ensure that everything is safe and secure. This peace of mind is incredibly valuable. Please visit our smart home monitoring page for more information.

Fire Alarms: Protection from Disaster

Fire alarms save lives and protect properties from disaster. A fire can be incredibly deadly. It can go from small and relatively minor to large and very dangerous in just a few seconds. Fire alarms can be the difference between escape and tragedy.

SafeTech offers monitored fire alarms for both homes and businesses. This service means that your property will be watched and the authorities can be dispatched to fight the fire even if you are not present or if you are unable to call for help. For more information on fire alarms, please visit our home fire alarms and commercial fire alarms pages.

Flood Alarms: Keep your Property Safe

Floods can cause serious property damage. They can also damage important electronics, equipment and documents. Repairing your property following a flood can be costly, time-consuming and difficult. When you install flood alarms in your home or commercial property, you are adding addition security that will keep your property and your belongings safe.

More information on flood alarms.

Medical Alarms: Protection & Peace of Mind

Two-way voice medical alarms provide safety, security and peace of mind for the elderly and those with medical conditions. These personal emergency alarms are a key tool that provide seniors with confidence. They know that they will be able continue to live their day-to-day lives knowing that, if anything were to happen, they would simply be a button press away from help. Medical alarms also give peace of mind to loved ones who worry.

Medical pendants and two-way voice alarms let seniors live in their own homes for longer. With just a simple press of a button, you can be connected to a central monitoring station who can analyze the situation and send emergency assistance or the authorities if needed. Find out more information about medical alarms.

Security Cameras

security cameras

Security cameras let you monitor your property 24/7. Whether you are looking for home security or business security, you can have peace of mind knowing that your security cameras will capture everything that happens. Security cameras are a huge crime deterrent as the evidence recorded can be used to catch criminals in the act. Criminals do not want to be caught, so they avoid properties that have security cameras installed. It's simply not worth the risk for them.

Security Cameras Benefits

security cameras

You'll reduce the chance of a break in, cut theft, keep your property safe and lower your insurance costs by installing security cameras on your property. You can use the money you save to pay for your security set-up!

At SafeTech Alarm Systems, our team works with you to choose the security cameras that best suit your unique situation. We install security cameras in key areas to reduce theft and keep you safe.

Homes and businesses choose security cameras for the wide variety of different benefits they offer. Security cameras allow you to keep constant watch over a number of areas at once. This makes it easy for you to monitor a number of locations both inside and around your property. Security cameras can often catch acts that a person may not have otherwise seen. You can even have security cameras that are actively monitored by on-site security guards.

Trust security cameras to keep you safe.

Access Control

access control

Utilizing access control technology is an excellent way to improve the safety and security at your business. It is also an excellent way to reduce theft. Access control systems allow for controlled access to certain entry points or areas of a property. The technology allows businesses to use proximity cards and card readers instead of the traditional locks and keys. Access control is an excellent way to restrict and control access to certain areas of your property. Access control is used by businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Access Control and Proximity Tags

One of the key benefits to an access control system using proximity tags is that it allows for electronic tracking and more efficient access. You do not have to worry about lost keys or broken locks. You can also tell exactly who entered any area of your property at any time. If a crime occurs, looking at your records will help you in your investigation.

Access control is also an excellent way to prevent unwanted access from outsiders. For example, you can stop visitors or customers from entering sensitive areas of your business. Access control security tools are very diverse and versatile, so they can be effectively used in a number of applications. This makes them a very powerful tool in the fight against theft and vandalism. Find out more about access control technology.

Security Guards

There is no replacement for physical security. Security guards provide strong physical protection for homes, businesses and special events. SafeTech Alarm Systems can provide security guards that are suitable for just about any application. From on-site security guards to security guards who conduct mobile patrols to event security guards, SafeTech has you covered.

Each type of security guard service has its own unique advantages. Security guards work in conjunction with other security services such as cameras and alarms to provide superior protection.

Whether you are looking for uniformed security guards for your property, on-site, 24/7 security at your condominium or office building, retail security guards, special event security, mobile security patrol teams or any other type of security guard services, SafeTech can help.

Security guards can be trusted to ensure the safety and security of both people and property. They are trained to handle a wide variety of diverse situations and will perform a number of security-related tasks to keep you safe.

Visit our security guards page for more information. For alarm systems, security cameras, access control, security guards and other loss prevention tools, trust SafeTech Alarm Systems. Call us at 1-888-939-3733 to speak with a loss prevention expert or contact us online.

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