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Access Control System Toronto

Access Control

Access control systems allow for controlled access to certain points by utilizing keytags or key cards. A card access control system allows the building owner or manager to track the movement of people throughout the building.

With business access control and an access system, employers can monitor and restrict the movement of employees and clients within their organization. This is done by creating entry barriers for some and giving temporary or full access to others. Key tags, card access tools and other types of security technology are often used in an access system to provide access control as needed.

An entire access control system in Toronto can be simply controlled through computer-based software that is remotely accessible and fully integrated with an alarm system. The data can be stored for weeks.

Access control often utilizes proximity cards and card readers instead of the traditional locks and keys. An access control system using proximity key tags allows for electronic tracking and more efficient access. Access control can also include physical barriers, such as those you see in subways.

Physical barriers prevent access to restricted areas through the use of security guards, a ticket collection person, doorman, turnstiles, and fences. They often incorporate more than one of each, even including the use of key cards. In combination with proximity access, physical barriers can create the ultimate access control toronto system and are very effective in controlling movement in a certain areas and in allowing those who are authorized to have access without facing much hassle.

Business Access Control Toronto – Proximity Cards & Card Readers

Proximity cards allow entrance to restricted areas through a contactless wave of their key tag over a proximity business access card reader as opposed to sliding a key card through a card reader. Proximity cards are a form of access control designed as a more modern take on the traditional key and key tag or lock. By installing a proximity card, system users are able to replace any keys with one small plastic proximity card that is approximately the size of a credit card. This allows access to only certain people. Proximity cards have become popular for many residential and commercial buildings with key tags common to entrances as a means to provide added security. All of SafeTech’s Key Tags and proximity cards can be linked up with SafeTech’s alarm systems.

Access System Tools from SafeTech

access control
Access control can be used for a variety of reasons, including keeping track of employee attendance and of course to prevent access to certain areas by unauthorized people or the public. With an access system installed at every entrance and connected to a computer software system, company management can be aware of where staff are at all times and if they are performing their assigned duties. An access system is also a great way to reduce theft, both employee theft and theft by those outside the company

Access control through the use of an access system is effective in protecting against threats and unwanted visitors. When used in combination with other forms of security, such as surveillance or alarm systems, an access system can go a long way in preventing the loss of anything of importance. Access control serves a variety of purposes and can be utilized in many different ways making it a very versatile form of security

Card Access

Card readers and card access systems are an important tool in preventing theft and unwanted access. Usually located close to or on doors, card readers act as locks for electronic card accesscontrol security systems. A card access system works to restrict access to certain areas by allowing entry to only those who hold the correct key card. By presenting their key tag or card to the reader, an individual can instantly gain access to a restricted area. Card access systems work by only allowing entry to those who have the correct smart card. Each individual tag or card can be set to unique security specifications. This gives the owners the ability to determine how much access each employee or client is granted. Business card access tools are incredibly versatile and they can be used in a wide variety of different situations, depending on need.

Business access control card readers can also monitor the times employees and clients enter certain areas and can help monitor employee attendance. Card access tools and card reader systems can be controlled computer based software system and can be fully integrated with a SafeTech alarm system.

Key Tags

Key tags can also be used to restrict access. When using a key tag, employees or residents are able to tap the tag on the reader to gain access to an area. These systems are often used in a similar manner to business card access systems. However, key tags are often designed so that they can easily be attached to keys or lanyards. Their small and portable nature makes key tags very popular. A key tag can be programmed to allow access to an entire building or to only certain areas, depending on what is desired by management.

Access Control System provides the following benefits:

Payroll Function
– Use your access control system software to verify employee attendance

No More Keys or locks
– Conveniently add or remove card holder codes from system software.

Ultimate Flexibility
– Each door is separately configured. You will decide who to grant or restrict access too and control the specific date and time of those entries – There are many different combinations of access control that can be used, so can fit any needs

Investigation Tool
– Keep track of who enters and leaves your premises – Access control software will watch people, place and time, and work wonderfully in tandem with video surveillance cameras

access control torontoCR-R704-B – Blue Proximity Key Tag

• Attaches conveniently to a key ring
• Durable clear blue plastic housing
• 8 programmable actions
• Passive (no battery required)
• Complete with custom label option

access control systemCR-R880-BL – Proximity Card Reader (Red Facelight)

• Extreme weather-resistant design
• Up to 10cm (4″) read range with ISO card
• Wiegand, ABA and custom output formats

 access control card readerCR-R885-BL – PosiPIN – Business Access Card Reader

• Extreme weather-resistant design
• Use as a keypad, reader or both
• Embedded 12-button keypad

 access control proximity readerCR-R890-BL – PosiXtend – Extended Range Proximity Reader

• Extreme weather-resistant design
• Up to 61cm (24″) read range
• Wiegand, ABA and custom output formats

 proximity readerCR-R870 – PosiIn Indoor Proximity Reader

• Indoor installation only
• Up to 10cm (4″) read range with CR-R702-A
ISO PosiCard
• Two status LEDs (red and green) and beeper

 access control moduleDGP2-ACM1P – Access Control Module

• Connections for card reader, REX, door contact
and lock output
• Automatic unlocking schedule
• Door left open and door forced options
• Door unlock and extended delay timers

 access control remote wiegandCA-REMI-4 – Remote Wiegand interface (433 MHz)

• Supports multiple Wiegand and Track 2 formats
(including standard 26-bit Wiegand)
• Unlimited number of 4 button remote controls
• Each remote control has a programmable family number and up to 15 card numbers

 proximity key tagCR-R704-A – Proximity Key Tag

• Attaches conveniently to a key ring
• Durable plastic housing
• Passive (no battery required)
• Complete with custom label option

 proximity cardCR-R702-A – Standard Proximity Card (Clamshell)

• Convenient credit card size
• Super-thin and flexible
• Vertical slot for clip attachment
• Durable PVC housing (white)
• Passive (no battery required)

 access control torontoCR-R706-A – ISO Proximity Card

• Convenient credit card size
• Super-thin and flexible
• Vertical slot for clip attachment
• Durable PVC housing (white)
• Passive (no battery required)
• Suitable for high-quality photo ID printing

access control remote controlMagellan Remote Control Integrated Access

• Built-in access card (present remote to a reader like an access card for business)
• 8 programmable actions
• Water resistant
• Available in 433MHz or 868MHz
• Wireless transmission range 30m/100ft

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