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Alarm Monitoring – Commercial

Alarm Monitoring: Commercial

All SafeTech Alarm System clients are monitored by our 24 hour alarm monitoring partner. Our commercial alarm monitoring partner has 7 central stations through-out Canada and the United States, allowing SafeTech to monitor any premise located on the North American continent. Providing service for nearly 25 years, our central station is a fully redundant state of the art U.L.C listed central alarm monitoring station. The main central station is located in Greater Toronto Area, the heart of Canada’s most populated region. Our other central stations are located in North Americas most populated regions: Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Arizona, Texas and Florida.

Alarm monitoring services

Radio transmitters 24 hour back-up attached to any alarm control panel in case telephone line is cut. GSM transmitter 24 hour alarm monitoring of wireless back-up device. Sprinkler System 24 hour detection of water presence (gate, pressure and flow valves). Fire Panel Connected to Alarm control panel. DVAC Line 24 hour monitoring of phone line cut/trouble.

Alarm Monitoring for a Wide Variety of Devices:

  • medical alert for the elderly
  • carbon monoxide, material/gas & smoke detectors
  • Sump pump & water detection devices
  • panic buttons
  • low & high temperature, window door sensors
  • deep freeze monitors
  • wireless key remotes
  • passive infrared motion & glass break detectors
alarm monitoringSafeTech Alarm Systems has been protecting people and property for more than 20 years. We understand what it takes to keep your property safe. SafeTech Alarms provides alarm monitoring services to a wide variety of different commercial businesses. Our alarm monitoring services make it possible to watch over your property at all times: 24-hours a day, seven days a week. This sort of superior protection keeps your property, your staff, your inventory and your business safe at all times. In the event of an emergency, the central monitoring station is notified immediately and the appropriate authorities are contacted right away. Trust SafeTech to provide the security protection that your business requires. Contact our loss prevention team today to discuss your situation. We will be glad to work with you to provide a superior security solution.