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holiday home security
Holiday Home Security: Safeguarding your Home While you are Away for the Holidays

Holiday Home Security Tips to Protect your Property

holiday home securityDuring the holiday season, many people travel to visit loved ones, attend events or just to take a vacation. Unfortunately, criminals know this and they wait for this time of the year to strike. This is why holiday home security is so important. Obviously, criminals don’t want to be caught in the act of committing a crime. They would much rather break into a property where no one is at home.

When it comes to holiday home security, it’s important to remember that criminals often scout locations for quite some time in order to make sure that no one is home when they break in. They may even take to social media to see if a potential victim has recently posted about an upcoming vacation. For this reason, it’s wise to avoid making it obvious that you’re traveling. Suitcases tied to the roof of your car, Facebook posts about your trip, and other obvious signs that you’re going away should be avoided. This is important for holiday home security.

Advice to Improve Holiday Home Security

Here are some other holiday home security tips for protecting your home when you’re on vacation.

Make You Home Look Occupied

– There are many simple things that you can do to ensure that criminals don’t realize that you’re not at home. This is crucial for good holiday home security. Setting your lights on timers is a good idea, as is placing a TV or radio on a timer to create some noise. It’s also a good idea to leave your curtains or blinds in the position that you normally do so that criminals won’t realize that anything is different.

Take Care of Chores

– It becomes obvious that no one is home if your snow hasn’t been shovelled and your mail is piling up by your front door. This is bad for holiday home security and can make your home a target. Before you leave, make sure to arrange for someone to take care of these chores. Have someone come by and shovel your snow, clean off your car and handle any other chores that need to be completed. Contact the post office and have them suspend your mail while you’re away and do the same for magazine or newspaper subscriptions.

Check Your Locks and Alarm System

– Before you leave, make sure that all locks on all doors and windows are functioning properly. Test your alarm system as well. You want to make sure these are working properly while you are away to ensure holiday home security.

Consider Smart Home Monitoring

– For added peace of mind and holiday home security, consider installing a smart home monitoring service. These allow you to get instant notifications on a mobile device as soon as there is any trouble at home. If you have your video surveillance cameras monitored, you can even check in on your home from nearly anywhere in the world and view live video. Check out more information on smart home monitoring here.

By following these holiday home security tips, you can drastically reduce the likelihood of a criminal breaking into your property. If you make your home look like a difficult target, most criminals will simply move on and search for something easier. For more information on what you can do to protect your property, more holiday home security tips, or for a free risk assessment, please contact one of our experienced loss prevention professionals today.
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winter security tips
Winter Security Tips

Winter Security Tips for a Safe and Happy Season

winter security tips Now that the colder days and longer nights are here, it’s important that you take steps to ensure your safety and security during the winter by following some winter security tips. You may not be faced with snowstorms and frigid temperatures quite yet, but it’s much better to prepare in advance so that you don’t end up surprised and in danger when the coldest weather hits. Here are some winter security tips that you should keep in mind:

Helpful Winter Security Tips

Protect against the dark

– It gets dark much earlier these days, especially since Daylight Saving Time has ended in most regions. Criminals like to work in the dark. They don’t want to get caught in the act and the best way to do this is to commit crimes in darkness.
– You can protect yourself by installing motion-activated lighting at your property. Not only will this lighting deter criminals, but it will also increase the effectiveness of your security cameras by helping your cameras capture higher quality video. Remember this when thinking of winter security tips.

Prepare for emergencies

– During the winter months, the likelihood of a power outage or other emergency increases. Frozen power lines or fallen trees can leave homes without electricity.
– Have an emergency kit at home for these situations. Your kit should include flashlights, batteries, blankets and other items that you would need to cope with a power outage. This is one of the winter security tips that could apply to anyone.
– You’ll also want to prepare for flooding. Cold temperatures can cause pipes to break, flooding homes and basements. Install flood detectors in your home that will alert you if a flood occurs. You can even have these detectors watched over by your central monitoring system so you’ll always receive an alert no matter where you are.

Be safe with heaters

– Every winter, fires and even deaths are caused by unsafe heating. When it comes to winter security tips, this is important to remember.
– Be sure to keep anything that can burn (blankets, paper, clothing, etc.) at least three feet away from heating equipment such as furnaces, fireplaces or space heaters.
– Never use an oven, BBQ or outdoor heater to heat your home.
– Have all heating equipment checked for safety issues before turning it on for the first time this season.
– Never leave portable heaters unattended.
– Make sure your carbon monoxide detectors are working correctly. You may wish to have these detectors monitored by a central station. This is one of the crucial winter security tips that could save your life. By taking some steps to improve security this season, and following these winter security tips, you can greatly increase the chances of having a safe, happy and secure winter.
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security tips secure fall
Fall Security Tips for Safety and Security

Fall Security Tips to Keep You Secure

Now that fall is here, the days are getting shorter, the temperatures are getting cooler, and the leaves are starting to change colour. Fall is a time for getting back into the swing of things following summer and a key time for completing tasks that you put off due to vacations and relaxing in the sun. This includes security tips. It’s a great idea to use this time to get ready for the upcoming winter.

Here are a few fall security tips and safety tips that will keep you safe and secure all season:

Important Fall Security Tips

Service your heating and cooling systems

fall security tips You’ve probably spent all summer running the air conditioning, and you’ll soon be switching on the heat. Take advantage of the fall weather to get your heating and cooling systems serviced and inspected. Make sure there are no electrical problems, cracked pipes or clogged filters. This is one of the most important fell security tips as damaged systems can cause serious problems including fires.

Remember to check your smoke detectors when you “fall behind”

You roll your clocks backwards on November 1st this year. When you do, remember to check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they’re working correctly. Doing so could save your life. This is another one of the security tips that you should never forget. You may even want to take this opportunity to upgrade your system to a monitored system for even greater security.

Improve your lighting

Criminals like to take advantage of the darkness to commit crimes. During this time of year, the days are shorter and the nights are longer. This means that there’s more darkness for criminals to work with. Combat this by following theses fall security tips and installing motion-activated lighting on your property.

Clean up your yard

Rake leaves, clean gutters and perform maintenance on your property before the winter arrives. You may not think of these actions as security tips, but doing so will keep your home safer and reduce the risk of floods, clogged drains and other issues.

Stock up on emergency supplies for winter

Make sure you have shovels, ice melting material (such as salt) and ice scrapers on home and in the car. It’s better to get them now before you need them than to be stranded without them during the first winter storm.

By being proactive, following these fall security tips and taking some precautions, you can be sure to have a safe, happy and secure fall.

To help improve fall security, SafeTech is offering a free risk assessment to help improve security at your home. If you have any questions about fall safety or security tips, please do not hesitate to contact one of our loss prevention professionals today.
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safetech security tips back to school
SafeTech Security Tips for Back to School

Improving Back to School Security

safetech security tips back to schoolIt’s back to school time! It’s a busy time of year for just about everyone. Summer is over and it’s time to get back into new routines, new schedules and new activities. But, between school, work and soccer practice, you might not have time to think about safety and back to school security. However, criminals will. They often use this busy time of year to strike. Read SafeTech security tips and stay safe.

Burglars would rather break into a home when no one is around. That makes back to school time a prime time for home robberies. Criminals know that people are rushing around trying to meet all of their obligations and they use this opportunity to commit crimes. In fact, many criminals stake out locations in advance to learn the routines of those who live in the homes they hope to rob. They then break in when they know that no one will be around.

Therefore, it’s important that you take the time to protect yourself, your family and your property. Here are some back to school SafeTech security tips that can help you.

Home Security & SafeTech Security Tips

Having security technology properly installed in your home is crucial. However, even if you have an alarm system installed, does it provide adequate protection? A number of new advances have taken place in the security industry in recent history. If your alarm system is older, it may not feature all of the tools that modern systems use to provide superior protection. Back to school security checks at this time allow you to review your current security set up and see if any improvements can be made.

For example, is your system monitored? If it’s not, it could sound when there’s a break in, but the chances of anyone responding are very slim. However, with a monitored system, your home is watched by a central monitoring station 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Central station staff can contact the appropriate authorities right away if there is an issue. This is a big back to school security upgrade that can improve your safety.

Modern security systems can also be watched remotely from just about any location with an Internet connection. Did you know that you can watch your security cameras from your smart phone? With a smart home alarm system, it’s possible to do this and more. You can set your alarm, turn your lights on and off, adjust the temperature and even lock your doors from your phone, tablet or PC. You can even use the system to receive alerts and check in on your children when they arrive home from school. This sort of technology not only makes your home safer, but it also offers a higher level of convenience. At this busy time of year, anything that can save you time and provide peace of mind is a great idea. It’s the ultimate in back to school security!

Back to school time is the perfect time to give your property a back to school security audit. Look for any weaknesses in your system and take steps to fix them. SafeTech even offers a free risk assessment so you can see how well your property is protected. Plus, as part of our back to school security special, we’re offering a free alarm installation with a 36-month alarm monitoring service contract! This time of year is all about focusing on family and children, so why not take steps to improve the safety of your home during this back to school season? SafeTech security tips will help you improve safety.
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pet security tips
Pet Security Tips to Consider

Pet Security: Keeping Pets Safe with Monitored Burglar and Smoke Alarm Systems

pet security tipsWhen people think of alarm systems and home security, they usually think about protecting their property and their families. For many people, family also means pet security. The good news is that the same tools that keep your human family safe can also protect your four-legged friends.

Criminals can raid a house in seconds, stealing large amounts of valuables and damaging your property. They can also put your pets at risk. This is why pet security is important. In order to protect your pets and keep them safe, you’ll want to have a monitored alarm system installed. These systems are connected to a central monitoring station that can notify you right away and send emergency assistance immediately. All of which will help keep your pets safe and secure.

Older or less sophisticated alarm systems often have motion detectors that can be activated by pets. This leads to false alarms and systems that are rendered ineffective. Not only do modern alarm systems have pet immunity devices that compensate for the movement of pets, often a modern smart alarm system will have integrated cameras that can let you or a central station operator view live footage of your property as soon as a trouble condition may arise. This means that the central station staff can quickly use this footage to determine if a crime is actually taking place or if your dog just knocked over a lamp.

In short, smart surveillance tools provide additional peace of mind to home owners with pets and improved pet security.

Monitored Fire Protection & Pet Security

When it comes to protecting pets from fire, it’s very important that you remember that pets can’t respond to audible alarms. They may see the fire and they may hear the alarm, but there’s nothing they can do about it. Pets are trapped in the house and this is why having a monitored fire alarm is so important. It is crucial for pet security.

A fire can spread in minutes, turning a small and controllable situation into a large and potentially deadly one very quickly. A monitored fire alarm system is watched over by trained staff at the central station at all times. If a fire, smoke or high level of carbon monoxide is detected by your system, the central station will react right away and contact the home owner and send the appropriate authorities to handle the emergency. This could save your pet’s life.

For more information on pet security and keeping your property safe and secure, please feel free to contact SafeTech Alarm Systems today. A member of our loss prevention and security team will be more than happy to speak with you and assist you in any way we can.
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safetech alarm systems monitoring station
Alarm Systems Monitoring: Introducing SafeTech Monitoring Station

Alarm Systems Monitoring Gets Better with SafeTech Monitoring Station

safetech alarm systems monitoring stationSafeTech Alarm Systems is pleased to announce the opening of SafeTech Monitoring Station. This state of the art alarm system monitoring station, originally purchased by SafeTech in January 2014, has undergone extensive upgrades. It now allows for Canada-wide monitoring of burglar, fire, medical, panic, flood, gas and temperature sensors and more. Conveniently located in Toronto – Canada’s largest city and one of the largest and fastest-growing cities in North America – SafeTech Monitoring Station (SMS) will improve upon SafeTech’s already award-winning alarm system monitoring services and allow us to offer a level of service unlike ever before.

This fully redundant and U.L.C listed central monitoring station allows SafeTech to continue to fulfill its mission of offering unparalleled client support while securing people and property across North America.

SafeTech Monitoring Station provides alarm signals processing coming from thousands of hazard detection devices located at the premises of our clients. We offer Two Way Audio, Video, GSM Cellular and IP Monitoring services for all types of facilities. Monitoring home and business alarm systems against different threats, improving security and safety for thousands of people and holding criminals responsible for their crimes.

Central alarm systems monitoring station operators at SMS can view the status of alarm systems, security cameras, smoke and fire detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, flood and water sensors and a variety of other security tools in real-time. This information can be used to relay important details to property owners in order to reduce crime and keep properties safer than ever before. Alarm systems monitoring station operators can also conduct real time visual and audio communication with the location and are able to remotely assist in trouble situations and even help responding authorities while they investigate.

SafeTech Monitoring Station also allows for video verified response. In the case of an alarm or trouble condition, central station staff can access live video from security cameras in order to specifically determine what is taking place at the property. This lets the staff verify alarms and reduce situations where emergency authorities respond to false alarms. It also lets alarm systems monitoring staff understand more about the situation that is taking place so that they can relay these crucial details to the authorities. This can help them respond to the situation in the most appropriate manner.

SafeTech Alarm Systems has achieved many milestones in the security industry including: • 96% customer satisfaction • 89 seconds average monitoring response time • Only .2% rate of loss – the lowest in the industry • Being ranked number one in security by both HomeStars and Consumer Choice

For more information on SafeTech Monitoring Station as well as SafeTech’s extensive line of security and protection services, please contact us today. With more than 25 years of experience, SafeTech has become one of the most trusted names in the security industry. We are known for our high quality security services as well as our dedication to customer service. The launch of SafeTech Monitoring Station will allow us to continue to protect our clients and deliver an even higher level of alarm system monitoring service than before.
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Summer Vacation Safety Tips

Summer Vacation Safety Tips

The summer is finally almost here and that means that many people are going on vacation. Unfortunately, criminals don’t take vacations. In fact, they often increase their crimes around this time because they know many people won’t be at home. Criminals would rather break into an unoccupied location since they will have more time to commit the robbery and they feel as though they will be less likely to be caught.

safetech security - summer vacation safety
Therefore, it’s important to take steps to protect your home when you leave town. Here are some summer vacation safety tips.

Make Your Home Look Occupied

One of the summer vacation safety tips for reducing the likelihood of a burglary while you’re on vacation is to make it look like someone is home. Criminals often scout houses for a while in advance before a break-in, and they look for properties that appear empty.

You can throw them off by putting your lights on timers, having someone come by to mow your lawn, asking a friend to periodically move your car or adjust your blinds, and by using many other similar techniques.

Cancel Mail and Deliveries

An obvious sign that a home is empty is when mail, newspapers and packages pile up near the front door. Fixing this is one of the most important summer vacation tips. If you’re going away, ask the post office to temporarily hold your mail or have a friend come by and pick it up on a regular basis. Put newspaper deliveries on hold and be sure not to schedule any other deliveries for that time.

Be Careful with Social Media

Criminals watch social media for specific details about when people will be out of town. Instead of posting “I’ll be away from the 10th to the 15th” on Facebook, Twitter and numerous other social networks, tell your friends and family privately. If you want to share your vacation details online, post photos and stories once you’re back home. Remember the importance of summer vacation safety tips when you do post.

Monitor Your Home Remotely

Here is a newer addition to summer vacation safety. Thanks to modern technology, you can keep an eye on your home from just about anywhere in the world. You can get status updates and notifications on computers, tablets, smart phones and even smart watches like the Apple Watch with a smart home security system.

Smart home security systems can send you notices and alerts when anything happens at your property so, if a sensor in your home is triggered or if your alarm system goes off, you’ll know right away and you can act. If you have surveillance cameras hooked up to your system, you can even view live video from your cameras from any Internet-connected device. This technology makes it easy to always know what is going on in your home, whether you’re right next door or on the other side of the world.

For more information on summer vacation safety tips and smart home monitoring, contact a member of the experienced security team at SafeTech. We can help you keep your home secure and show you the latest technology that will allow you to monitor your property remotely.
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Apple Watch to Monitor your Smart Home Alarm System

Control and Monitor your Home from your Apple Watch with Smart Home Alarm System Technology

The Apple Watch began shipping on April 24, 2015. The Apple Watch makes it easy and convenient to receive notifications on the go and to react to these notifications. This includes being able to monitor your alarm system, receive notifications and control your home.

All of these actions are possible thanks to the Alarm.com app for Apple Watch. Available at the iTunes store starting today, this app provides Apple Watch users with an easy and intuitive way to use their smart home security system.

Check out this quick video to see how it works!

Apple Watch Home Security

SafeTech Alarm System is an authorized Toronto dealer of Alarm.com security products. We understand the power and convenience of smart home alarm systems.

The new Apple Watch app makes it easy to control your smart alarm system from your wrist, wherever you are. This easy and intuitive solution makes your smart home security system more convenient and effective than ever before. By using the Apple Watch app, you can easily:

apple watch safetech • Arm or disarm your alarm system
• Control the lights, locks and thermostats in your home
• Manage garage door access
• View live video from your home security cameras
• See your home’s status at a glance
• And more!

The app also features Actionable Notifications. These notifications come straight to your wrist and allow you to act on them immediately. For example, if you leave your home and forget to close your garage, you will receive a notification on the Apple Watch app. You can then quickly and easily respond to the notification and close your garage, all from your wrist.

You can also receive a notification if you leave your home without arming your alarm system. This is done by keeping tracking of the status of the alarm and of your physical location. If you are outside your home and your alarm is not activated, you will receive an actionable notification that will allow you to set the alarm remotely right from your Apple Watch. You’ll never have to worry about leaving your home unsecured again!

These features are also available on the Alarm.com iPhone app and coming soon to the Android app.

By making it easy and simple to monitor and control your home, these systems and applications make your property safer and your life easier. Contact us today for more information on smart home alarm systems, the Apple Watch app and to find out more about how they can keep you safe and secure.
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