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Security Articles

Home Automation Improves Your Life

Home Automation Tools that Make Life Easier

home automationA home automation system puts your home under your complete control. There are a number of great benefits to home automation services including:

• Turning your lights on and off on a schedule or when certain triggers occur • Setting your home’s temperature automatically or remotely in order to save money • Opening and closing your blinds on schedule or based on the current temperature • Automatically setting your alarm system, locking your doors or completing a number of other security tasks • And more!

As you can see, home automation tools are a great way to simplify your life. You will no longer have to worry about leaving your lights on when you go out or forgetting to set your alarm system. You’ll also save money by controlling the temperature in your home by using automatic or remote tools.

Many home automation systems even allow you to receive alerts on your mobile phone, so you’ll be warned when you leave the house without activating your alarm system or if there is a water leak in your basement while you’re at work. You can then use remote home automation tools to set the alarm, turn off the water or take whatever other action is needed to solve the problem.

Security and Home Automation

Not only do home automation systems make life more convenient, they also keep you safe. For example, setting your lights to work on a timer doesn’t just reduce your electricity bill. It also deters criminals from breaking into your home since it makes the property appear occupied. Criminals won’t want to risk breaking into a home if it looks like there are people there. They’ll simply move on.

But home automation tools can do even more to keep you and your family safe. For example, you can use a automation system to remotely view your security cameras from anywhere with an Internet connection. This means that you can check in on your housekeeper, contractor or babysitter during the day to make sure they are doing their job correctly and not breaking your trust or the law. You can also use remote security camera viewing to make sure that your children arrive home from school safely and on time. A home automation system can also send you alerts to warn you of a wide variety of trouble conditions, including open windows and doors, activated motion sensors, fires, floods and just about any security threat that you can think of. This shows how not only does home automation make life easier and more convenient, but it also makes it safer.
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Security Camera Professional Installers Share Trade Secrets

Security Camera Professional Tips on Time of Install

Is security camera installed at your home or office strong? Do you have more than one? Having a surveillance camera set-up properly installed is an important part of any home or business security plan. Security cameras can keep you safe, reduce crime and deter criminals from striking.

security cameraHowever, security cameras need to be installed properly in order to maximize their effectiveness. No one knows how to do this better than a professional security camera installer. At time of install, a professional surveillance camera installer takes the time to carefully consider the most suitable location for each camera and determine which cameras work best for your particular application.

Location of Security Camera

One of the most important parts of a security camera set-up is the location of the cameras. A trained installer understands the need to place your surveillance cameras in locations where they will be able to get clear footage. This means installing them where they won’t be blocked by trees, buildings or any other obstructions. It also means making sure each security camera is able to capture enough detail to be useful. When installing a camera in a low-light area, for example, the installer will need to ensure that the camera is capable of capturing video in low-light situations. Usually cameras with infrared capability are used in this application. Security cameras not containing infrared LED’s are more suitable for well lit areas.

Positioning the Security Camera

A professional installer understands how important it is to take the environment into account when installing a security camera. For example, if a security camera is positioned so that it is facing a bright light (such as a street light or even the sun) it might not be able to capture the footage that you need. Professional installers keep this in mind and make many camera angle adjustments during installation.

An installer will also suggest installing surveillance cameras where criminals cannot easily tamper with them. A security camera should be mounted in a high enough location that it cannot be easily damaged or it should be placed behind a protective structure such as domes. This is done in order to reduce the likelihood of a criminal damaging a security camera

The professional installer will also make recommendations depending on the surface that the camera is mounted upon. Cameras must have a solid footing. For instance, a security camera installed on stucco siding is not secured very well and may easily become dislodged.

It is also important that each camera is installed in a relevant position. For example, a security professional will likely recommend installing a camera at each entrance to make sure that the camera captures footage of anyone entering your property. The installer may also recommend placing one security camera or two at key locations, such as in areas where valuables are kept. It is crucial to avoid “dead spots” where criminals could conceivably move around without being caught by the cameras.

The Storage of Security Camera Footage

In order to securely protect most properties, often more than one security camera is required. Multiple cameras provide better coverage and a greater possibility of catching criminals in the act. However, additional cameras require additional storage on the hard drive of a recording device. A professional installer needs to determine the desired storage time and calculate how much storage capacity is required for each camera. By multiplying the total number of installed cameras by the storage required for each camera, the professional is able to determine the size of hard drive required for the job. Correctly placed and installed surveillance cameras drastically improve the security at your property. Remember that criminals do not want to be caught committing their crimes, so the camera set-up is a great way to deter them.

Sean O’leary from SafeTech Alarms talks about security camera applications and solutions:

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Event Security Guards for Your Next Party

Security Guards: Important for Event Security

event security guards When you’re planning an event, you have a lot of different aspects to consider. This is true whether you are putting together a wedding, birthday celebration, corporate event, concert or just about any other event. You need to make important decisions regarding the site, the décor, the guest list, the entertainment and much more. However, many people neglect to consider the event security. Security is incredibly important at any event for a number of different reasons. When you are putting together your event security plan, one of the best things that you can do is consider using event security guards.

There are a number of reasons why your event could use security guards. Protecting your event with them goes a long way to keeping everyone safe and secure. Events have a lot of different variables. Depending on the type of event that you are holding, you could end up dealing with everything from theft to out of control guests and to people attempting to sneak into the venue. Guards are trained to handle all of these situations (and more) with ease. Furthermore, security guards will always take the steps necessary to take care of an unfortunate situation without causing a significant disruption to the event itself. When you hire event security guards for your event, you can rest assured that your event will run smoothly and without incident.

The Benefits of Having Event Security Guards

As mentioned above, there are a number of reasons why guards are important. For example, if you have an event that requires tickets, they can ensure that those who try to enter without tickets are removed from the venue. Even if your event does not require tickets, security guards can be supplied with a guest list and they can ensure that uninvited guests do not enter the event.

Event security guards are also vital when it comes to preventing theft. Unfortunately, theft is common at many events, regardless of who is in attendance or how large or small the event may be. They can monitor your event and prevent theft before it happens.

Serving alcohol at an event can lead to a number of issues. Having a trained guard on hand in these situations will help you a great deal.

It’s important to note that many venues including banquet halls, party rooms and other event spaces often require that you hire guards for your event. They won’t let you host an event without event security guards present. This shows how important security guards are to overall protection and safety.
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Home Security Systems – How Much Do You Know?
home security systems safetechA home security system usually refers to an electronic detection system that will alert control stations to unlawful entry and protect your home from a variety of threats, such as burglary, fire, flood, carbon monoxide poisoning, and natural gas poisoning. Other types of home security systems may include alarms systems, video monitoring systems, access control systems, home automation systems, and physical deterrent systems. Common alarm systems include motion detectors, smoke detectors, door and window sensors, sirens, carbon monoxide detectors, glass-breaking detectors, temperature detectors, power failure detectors, water leaking or flood detectors, pet-immune sensors, and medical alarms. Video monitoring systems may include intercom systems and alert systems that work in conjunction with security cameras and video recording equipment. Access control systems contain control panels, keypads, card readers, or biometric readers. Home automation systems allow people to automate their homes through remote methods, such as adjusting heating, cooling, and lighting on their smart phones or tablets. Physical deterrent systems include such physical mechanisms as window bars, gates, and fences; their visual appearance will work as a strong deterrent. In terms of technology, there are wired and wireless security systems.

Why Home Security Systems Matter?

Security systems are essential for lost prevention and personal safety. They are particularly important in North America, where home crime rates have been notoriously high. For instance, in Canada, breaking and entering is one of the most common police-reported offences. There is an average of one break-in every three minutes in Canada, according to Statistics Canada’s police-reported crime statistics from 2012. Also in 2012, there were 70 fire deaths in Ontario, and 59 of these fire deaths happened in residential structures. Between 2000 and 2009, there were 380 accidental carbon monoxide poisoning deaths in Canada, according to Statistics Canada.

Residential security systems give home owners peace of mind while they are away from home, especially when they have to be away for weeks or months on end. With digital security camera technology, people are able to keep an eye on their homes while they are away at work or on vacation.

With security systems installed at home, criminals could be detected in the act before they have the chance to rob, vandalize or otherwise damage a property. Criminals would be careful to avoid homes that have security systems installed. In fact, many statistics indicate that a home with a security system is far less likely to experience a break-in.

Apart from preventing crimes, home security systems also reduce the amount of loss if a burglary does take place. A study completed by Dr. Simon Hakim of Temple University found that the average loss from a burglary is $5,343 when there is no alarm installed on a property. However, that average drops to $3,266 when there is an alarm installed.

How Home Security Systems Work?

Generally speaking, a security alarm system contains two essential parts: the control panel and the detectors. When a detector detects a threat, it sends a signal to the control panel; the control panel then sends a warning signal to the 24/7 monitoring station, which sends alerts to homeowners. If the homeowner is not responding, the monitoring station operator will contact the emergency organs and dispatch emergency personnel to the site.

Depending on specific needs and budgets, each security system can be installed and work either separately, or in combination with other security systems. In general, alarms systems combined with monitoring cameras work best. The above-mentioned study also showed that the chance of burglary drops 66.2 percent when there are three or more security precautions taken by the homeowner.

Installing a security system in the house or condo is a good financial investment. Normally homeowners receive a discount on their home insurance if they have installed home security systems. Some companies, such as SafeTech Alarms Systems, can help their clients get additional group discount rate off their home insurance premiums.

At SafeTech we have over 100 years of combined security industry experience. SafeTech Loss Prevention Experts will determine the right security solution for your application.

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Burglar Alarm Tools Combine With Other Security Technology

Burglar Alarm Tools: Improving Their Effectiveness

Burglar alarm systems are quite effective on their own. Not only do they catch criminals in the act of committing a crime, but they also deter criminals from even considering a location to be a target. How do burglar alarm systems do this? It’s simple. Criminals understand how effective burglar alarm tools are. They know that these security tools can result in them being caught while committing a crime. Since criminals do not want to be captured and made to pay for their crimes, they often avoid properties that have burglar alarm systems installed. However, as effective as burglar alarm systems are, they can be improved upon.burglar alarm tools An excellent way to do this is to combine other security technologies with the alarm system. By adding additional types of security technology to your burglar alarm systems, you can greatly improve the effectiveness of the system, catch criminals in the act and reduce the likelihood of a crime taking place on your property.

Combining Burglar Alarm Tools with Other Security Technology

When you add other types of security technology to your current burglar alarm systems, you are creating an incredibly effective tool in the fight against crime. There are a number of different types of security that can be combined with burglar alarm tools. For example, you can utilize security cameras alongside burglar alarm systems. This enables you to not only detect when criminals strike and sound an alarm, but it also lets you see exactly what is going on in and around your property. This improves the effectiveness of your burglar alarm systems a great deal.

24-hour monitoring is another tool that can be utilized alongside your burglar alarm tools. When a central monitoring station is watching over your property at all times, you will always know that you are protected. The staff at the central station can contact you as soon as there is an issue or a trouble condition at your home or business. You can also have your surveillance cameras connected to the monitoring station for added security. Physical security tools, such as bars and gates, can also be used in conjunction with burglar alarm systems. Another benefit for combining different types of security technology together is that you have the flexibility to create a security set-up that works best for you. By combining different security tools with your burglar alarm systems, you can be much more effective at stopping crime.
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Loss Prevention Tools Deter Crime

Loss Prevention Experts Can Help you Deter Crime

loss preventionWhen you are looking for a security company to help you protect your property, you should definitely choose to work with an organization that employs experienced and knowledgeable loss prevention experts. These people have years of experience in this area and can help you choose the right security features and tools for your home or business.

A loss prevention professional can not only explain the different types of security technologies that are available to you and help you understand why each tool is effective, but he or she can also help design a custom solution that meets your unique needs.

When it comes to loss prevention, every property is different and every situation is different. An experienced professional can help you get the right security tools for your particular application. This will make the system significantly more effective.

Loss prevention is not just about catching criminals in the act. It’s also about making criminals want to avoid your property entirely. By successfully installing loss prevention tools and security systems, you can prevent criminals from even considering your property to be a target.

How Loss Prevention Tools Deter Criminals

Security systems and these tools not only catch criminals in the act, but they also deter criminals from attempting a crime in the first place. How? Criminals understand how effective a loss prevention system is and they actively avoid locations that have them installed.

Overwhelmingly, criminals prefer commit their crimes in locations and situations where they will not be noticed. These systems and security tools make this significantly more difficult. For example, if a criminal is going to steal merchandise from a store that has these tools installed, he or she will need to figure out a way to do this without the store’s loss prevention system sounding as soon as the crime is committed. This is much easier said than done. Criminals would much rather choose another location where they will have an easier time committing a crime without being spotted.

The effectiveness of security systems and prevention tools makes them a deterrent.

In order to protect your home or business effectively – and to deter criminals – you should speak with an expert about your situation and your property. He or she will be able to speak with you to fully understand your needs and then make informed recommendations based on these needs. This will ensure that your loss prevention system is the right one for you.
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Home Alarm Monitoring System Tools Eases Worries

Home Alarm Monitoring System Tools Give you Safety & Peace of Mind

home alarm monitoring system toolsWhen you install a home alarm monitoring system tools in your home, you are giving yourself a very powerful tool. A home alarm monitoring system tools prevent crime and, in cases where criminals do strike, the system catches criminals in the act. It makes it possible for your home to be watched over by a trained team of professionals at all times. Home alarm monitoring is an affordable, convenient and effective way to protect your property from danger and protect your loved ones. Home alarm monitoring also gives you the peace of mind in knowing that your home, your belongings and your family are safe and sound at all times. You will not have to worry about leaving your property unattended or without proper security.

A home alarm monitoring system tools watches over your property 24-hours a day and seven days a week. This lets you think about other things. For example, if you go on vacation, you might worry about what is taking place at home. These worries might prevent you from being able to enjoy your vacation. However, if you have a home alarm monitoring system installed, these worries disappear. You will be able to enjoy your vacation without thinking about whether or not your home is safe. If anything does take place at your home, the staff at the central home alarm monitoring station will contact you right away. This gives you huge peace of mind.

Security Cameras and Home Alarm Monitoring System Tools

In addition to letting you know if someone breaks into your property while you are away, a home alarm monitoring system can also be connected to your security cameras, allowing you to see what is taking place as well. In the event of a crime or trouble condition, the staff at the central home alarm monitoring station can access live and pre-recorded video from your home’s surveillance cameras. This footage gives the central station extra information that helps them determine exactly what is taking place at your property. This extra information can be incredibly valuable to the authorities when they arrive.

Furthermore, when you have your security cameras connected to your home alarm monitoring system tools, the central station is able to verify the alarm by looking at the footage on the cameras. When the police or other security authorities are provided with the information that an active crime is taking place, they give this situation a much higher priority. Home alarm monitoring systems are effective at preventing crime. In fact, most insurance companies recognize this fact. They know how effective home alarm monitoring services are and provide discounts to those homes that have these services installed.
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Event Security Means Safety

Event Security Benefits

Having event security at your next special event is incredibly important. Events can be tough to keep secure. Many people are often in attendance and you may not personally know every one of them. The fact the events get very busy can lead to even more issues. In addition, there may be responsibilities for ticketing at your event, you may be selling merchandise, food or alcohol and you may have different sections designated for different people.

event securityAll of these aspects make security on events necessary. It has a number of different key benefits. Not only can an event security guard keep order at your next event, but he or she can perform many other tasks as well. They can ensure that only those who are invited or who have tickets are allowed into the event. They can monitor areas where money is being exchanged in order to provide additional security. They can prevent guests from venturing into areas where they should not be. Event security makes your event run more smoothly.

Guards also ensure that everyone in attendance remains safe. Guards can prevent disputes and escalations and work to maintain order at an event. If you are holding an event such as a wedding, corporate celebration, concert, fundraiser, convention or any other event, you need event security.

What Event Security Can Do for You

These guards are valuable. In fact, their services are so valuable that many meeting halls, party rooms, convention centers and event spaces require that security guards be present during any event that takes place at the location. These event spaces are experts in their field and they know that having event security on hand is vital to holding a safe and secure event. When you work with an event security team, you can be assured that they will handle your unique event appropriately.

Security guards can wear low-profile blazers and dress pants in order to fit into more upscale events, or more visible security uniforms to make their presence known. This choice is up to you and will depend on the specific event. An event such as a wedding will call for low-profile clothing while a concert may require more visible security. When you work with event security guards, you can rest assured that your event will be protected and that all of your guests will be able to enjoy themselves in the secure environment that they deserve. You can trust event security to provide the services you need.
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