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Security Articles

Alarm Tools Provide Security

Alarm Tools Protect Homes and Business Properties

alarm toolsHome alarm tools are a central part of any security set-up. Regardless of the type of property that you are looking to protect, you will find the alarm tools are practically a necessity. By ensuring that your property has these tools installed, you are making sure that you are protected. Deciding not to install proper alarm tools can put your home or business in serious jeopardy. When compared to a property that does not have alarm tools installed, alarms reduce the chance of a break and enter situation greatly. Criminals would much rather commit crimes where they will not be seen. They don’t want to be caught in the act as this would greatly increase the likelihood that they are forced to pay for their crimes. For this reason, criminals like to strike properties where they will be not noticed. This is why they typically strike locations that are dark, deserted or where they can commit their crimes quietly. When you install alarm tools, you are drastically increasing the likelihood of a criminal being noticed during the break in. Criminals know this and they avoid locations that have alarm tools installed. They would much rather strike another location than one where the chance of them being caught is much higher. Insurance companies recognize this as well. They know that fewer crimes take place at properties that are protected by alarm tools. For this reason, they often offer discounts to those who have alarm tools and other security tools installed on their property.

The Benefits of alarm tools

You can utilize alarm tools to protect your property from theft, damage and vandalism. In today’s society, there is unfortunately a great deal of unexpected crime. Even if you live or work in a “good neighbourhood” you can still be considered a target by criminals. In order to make your home or business look like less of a target, you need to utilize alarm technology effectively. There are a number of benefits to installing alarms. In addition to the ones discussed above, there is also the fact that alarm tools provide peace of mind. Often people worry about crimes taking place in their homes or businesses while they are away.

Thankfully, if you have installed an alarm system on your property, you are reducing the likelihood of a crime taking place. This provides you with a great deal of peace of mind and can ease the levels of stress that many people experience while they are away. alarm tools protect valuables, your property and your family. However, in order to truly experience superior protection and to take advantage of even more of the benefits of your alarm tools, you should combine your existing tools with other security tools.

Combining Burglar Alarm Tools with Other Security Technology

While security tools are certainly an effective tool for reducing crime, they become even more effective when you strategically combine them with other forms of security technology. Combining one or more types of security tools, such as combining alarm tools with video security cameras, reduces your chance of a break and enter a great deal. This is a much more effective form of protection that utilizing just alarm tools for protection.

Security cameras allow you to monitor your property at all times. This gives you additional peace of mind that would not be possible with just alarm tools alone. In addition, surveillance cameras are a greater deterrent. Criminals know that the evidence recorded on these cameras can be utilized to identify, catch and prosecute criminals. For this reason, criminals avoid properties that have security cameras installed.

Monitoring alarm tools

Another excellent way to ensure that your property is protected is to monitor your alarm tools. When you have a central monitoring station watching over your property at all times, you can be confident in the safety and security at your property. You know that, in the event of a crime or other emergency situation, the central station will be notified and the authorities can be contacted. Not only does this make your security protection much more efficient and effective, but it also provided you with even more peace of mind. You do not have to worry about your property when you are away. These tools are not the only type of security technology that can be monitored.

You can also have your security cameras monitored. Monitored security cameras are the perfect companion to monitored alarm systems. If a crime takes place on your property, the central station can not only receive a notification, but they can also access footage from your security cameras. This allows them to verify the situation and provides them with detailed information that they can pass on to the authorities. Police and other authorities often respond to situations with greater urgency if they know that the call they are heading to is a crime in progress.

Utilizing security cameras and monitoring services in addition to your alarm tools not only provides you with superior protection, but it also often results in an even larger discount from your insurance company! Not only do alarm tools save your property, your belongings and your loved ones, but they can also help you save money.
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Smoke Detectors Provide Protection & Save Lives

Smoke Detectors Save Lives

smoke detectorsOut of all of the tools that you have to protect your family, smoke detectors are one of the most important. Smoke detectors are vital pieces of technology that can save your life or the lives of your family. This is because they warn you of fires quickly. Fires can be incredibly dangerous and even deadly. Even a small fire can quickly because a large, uncontrollable and even deadly fire in a very small amount of time. Due to this, it is important to recognize when there is a hazardous fire situation in your home as soon as possible. They let you know right away when there is a fire at your property. This immediate warning can save you valuable seconds, which could be the differences between escape and disaster. For this reason, it is incredibly important to have functioning detectors installed on your property.

In Most Areas, Smoke Detectors are the Law

In many cities, provinces and states, it is required that all homes have smoke detectors installed. For example, in Ontario, every home must have working smoke detectors installed on every storey of the home and outside of every sleeping area. This includes the basement. These alarms must be properly maintained to ensure that they work correctly. Landlords must ensure that their rental properties comply with this law and install smoke detectors where they are required by law. Tenants should contact their landlords if they recognize that the right number of smoke detectors is not installed in their home. While many newer homes have smoke detectors wired directly into the home, older homes do not. Whether you live in an older home or a newer home, it is very important that you understand the laws regarding these detectors in your area and that you ensure that all smoke detectors on your property are functioning correctly. It is also important that you check them regularly and that you ensure they are always working correctly.

Statistics on Fires

In Ontario, over 90% of residential fires are preventable. One out of every 100 preventable fires is a fatal fire. Out of the 609 preventable, fatal residential fires in Ontario, only 35% properties had functioning smoke detectors that operated. In 25% of fires, a smoke alarm was present, but it did not operate correctly. In the majority of those fires, it was determined that the reason for smoke alarm failing to activate was either due to the batteries being dead or no battery being installed. In 21% of fatal fires in Ontario, there was no smoke alarm present. Whether or not a functioning smoke alarm was present was undetermined in 19% of these fires. As you can see, having functioning smoke detectors in your home can save your life. Not having one can be incredibly dangerous.

Types of Smoke Detectors

In general, there are two basic types of smoke detectors. Each type is better at detecting different types of fires. In order to protect yourself, your family and your home from any type of fire, you may want to look into installing both types of detectors or installing one that utilizes both technologies. One of the types of detectors is called an ionization detector. These smoke detectors are better able to detect fast, flaming fires such as those that burn combustible materials like paper or grease. These are the kind of fires that burn rapidly and spread quickly. About 70% of fires can be detected by ionization smoke detectors. The other 30% of fires can be best detected by photoelectric smoke detectors. These tools are better for detecting slow-burning fires that may smoulder for hours before bursting into flames. An example of this type of fire is a cigarette burning on a bed.

Monitored Smoke Detectors

While standard fire alarms and smoke detectors save lives, there is a way to make these devices even more effective. This is by installing monitored these detectors at your home. Monitored detectors allow you to live with the peace of mind in knowing that your property is always being watched over by the trained staff at the central monitoring station. No matter where you are, you will not have to worry about the safety of your home. With monitored detectors, the central station is alerted right away. They can then take the appropriate actions to ensure your safety. If you are not at home and you do not have monitored detectors installed, there is a very good chance that no one will be aware of a fire that breaks out, even if you have regular fire alarms installed. This could be costly and dangerous. A fire could burn for quite some time and cause a great deal of damage before anyone notices it and responds to the fire. Thankfully, this is not the case with monitored smoke detectors. The central station will be notified right away and they can contact you or the appropriate authorities. Monitored fire alarms and smoke detectors protect your home 24/7, no matter where you are. As an added benefit, insurance companies recognize the many benefits of monitored detectors and fire protection. They understand the incredible layer of protection that these devices provides and thus they typically offer lower rates and discounts to people who have monitored smoke detectors installed on their properties. Monitored detectors provide additional protection, safety and peace of mind. Protecting yourself and your family from fires, smoke, carbon monoxide and other hazards is important. Smoke detectors, fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and other tools allow you to ensure that your family is always safe and secure.
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Home Alarm Monitoring System Keeps Properties Safe

Home Alarm Monitoring System Provides Superior Protection

home alarm monitoring systemProtecting your home is important. Home alarm monitoring system is an incredibly useful way to keep your property safe and secure at all times. It provides a number of benefits that lead to increased safety and security at a property.If you are considered about the security of your home (and many people are) you should seriously consider having a home alarm monitoring system service installed on your property. There are benefits to being protected by a central station that cannot easily be matched by other security services. It is crucial that you investigate and install the right security system. Securing your home and protecting your family from break-ins, robberies, theft, vandalism, home invasions and other serious crimes is the number one priority for most people. Having a home alarm monitoring system installed will allow you to ensure that your property is safe and secure at all times. Doing so gives you the safety, security and protection that you need as well as an increased peace of mind in knowing that your home is secure. One of the best ways to protect your home at all times is to install a home alarm monitoring service.

These systems are one of the most effective ways to keep your home safe. A home that is secured by a centrally-monitored alarm system will receive superior live protection, 24 hours a day, seven days a week since it is connected to a central monitoring station. When you protect your home with a home alarm monitoring service, you are giving yourself, your loved ones and your home the best in protection. Home alarm monitoring allows you to ensure that your home is secure at all times, since your property is watched over by real people 24-hours a day. There is no comparison for this level of protection. Home alarm monitoring systems can even include video access and video verification services. This service lets the central alarm monitoring station access live and recorded video from your home security cameras whenever the station receives an alert. This way, the central monitoring station knows precisely what is taking place in your home as it is happens. This service also ensures that the authorities are only contacted when the emergency situation has been verified by video, which eliminates costly false alarms.

The Benefits of Home Alarm Monitoring

There are a number of advantages to home alarm monitoring. Not only does a monitored system provide increased protection and safety, but faster response times mean that criminals will not be able to escape the scene without being noticed. When you have a home alarm monitoring system, all alarm or trouble conditions are responded to quickly and effectively. The central station recognizes all alerts immediately and notifies both you and the appropriate authorities of the burglary or theft in progress. Authorities are sent to your home the moment an alert is received and verified.

The fact that the response to a crime is almost immediate means that the likelihood of a criminal breaking into your home without being noticed is nearly zero. Criminals understand this and they avoid homes that have home alarm monitoring services installed. A monitored system means that you do not have to worry about coming home to find that your property has been the scene of a crime. Home alarm monitoring system is a cost-effective way to protect your property. Insurance companies recognize the value of a monitored home alarm system. They know that a home that is protected by a monitoring station is will be well-secured and safe. Therefore, they often provide lower insurance premiums to those who have their homes secured by these services. In fact, the savings you get on your home insurance are generally large enough that they pay for the maintenance of the home alarm monitoring system service!

Working with a Home Alarm Monitoring Company

When it comes to choosing a home alarm monitoring company, there are a number of aspects to investigate. First of all, you’ll want to consider the experience and knowledge of the company that you are working with. Ask them questions about their company and their team, including the number of years that they have been in business and how many clients they have. You’ll also want to find out information regarding the security products that they use. A knowledgeable loss prevention professional should be able to answer these questions without issue. Tell the company the specifics of your unique security solution and see if they can help you determine what sort of security services you’ll need. Many companies combine technologies such as physical security tools alongside home alarm monitoring services.

This can often increase the effectiveness of the security system and keep your home, your valuables and your loved ones even more secure. Find out all of these details before choosing to work with a security company. You’ll also want to ask questions about the monitoring partner and central station. Find out who the partner is, what experience they have and where the station is located. You’ll also want to find out the details about the monitoring process and how alarms are responded to. All of this information can be crucial and can help you make the difficult decision about which provider to work with. Home alarm monitoring system is an incredibly valuable tool. It can keep your property safe, deter criminals and lead to a much lower rate of loss in the event of a potential break-in. You will be also be able to have much greater peace of mind when you know that your property is always being watched over by an experienced and trained home alarm monitoring central station.
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Access System Technology Prevents Crime

Access System Tools to Protect Your Business

Installing an access system is an incredibly powerful way to control access to your property. Rather than having a series of keys, locks, security guards and codes to manage access to various parts of your property, you can utilize a sophisticated and easy-to-use system to achieve the same goal with much greater effectiveness and efficiency. access system An access system gives the building manager the ability to equip staff with key tags or key cards and to customize those tags or cards for each employee. This means that you can effectively control where each and every employee is able to move on your property with great ease. An access system also lets you track employees as they move throughout the building. There are a number of benefits to using access system technology at your business.

The Many Benefits of Access System Technology

When you use an access system at your business, you are installing a very powerful tool. As mentioned, you can use an access system to track employees. This is done by tracking where the key tags and cards move throughout your location. This is helpful for a number of reasons, including monitoring employee attendance. If you require all employees to tap their cards or key tags at the building entrance each day, you will know exactly when each employee arrives. This access system feature is also useful for investigations.

For example, if there was a theft from your company supply room and you require key tag access in order to enter the supply room, you’ll know exactly who was in the room during the theft and this can help track down the employee responsible. This system also makes the process of restricting access easier. In the past, if you had an area that was restricted, you had to give each employee who needed access a physical key in order to let them into that area. Not only was producing and handing out the keys expensive and time-consuming, but if a key was lost, you needed to change the lock and provide new keys to all employees who required them. With this system, you can simply activate or deactivate keys as needed, simplifying the process.

An access system is an excellent way to secure your property and installing one at your business will provide you with many benefits.
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Fire Alarms Benefits – Fire Alarms Protect Families

Fire Alarms Benefits for your Family Home

fire alarms benefitsThere are many fire alarms benefits. Fire alarms are a necessity in any home. Most local laws in most towns and cities require fire alarms and smoke detectors in each home and many require multiple alarms. This is for good reason. Smoke detectors and these alarms are crucial for protecting people from the dangers of fire. Fires can break out suddenly and without warning. They can also spread very, very quickly. A small fire can quickly grow into a large – and potentially deadly – fire within minutes. Due to the speed of growth and the potential danger of a fire, these alarms are needed to detect a fire as soon as possible and to alert the homeowner of the emergency right away. Functioning fire alarms can be the difference between safety and tragedy. Having these alarms in your home is very important.

Monitored Fire Alarms Provide Additional Peace of Mind

Monitored fire alarms are those that are hooked up to a central monitoring station. This station receives notice whenever one of your fire alarms senses a trouble condition. When the monitoring station is notified of a problem, the station can react quickly, saving precious time. In many cases, the monitoring station contacts the property owner by phone to verify the alarm. This is done because, in many jurisdictions, heavy fines are charged for false alarms. If the central station can verify the alarm, the station will then contact the fire department and any other authorities for help.

Alternatively, the property owner can specify that the fire department should be contacted directly instead. This is up to the property owner and is done on an individual basis in many areas. One of the fire alarms benefits is that monitored alarms can bring the fire department onto the scene much sooner than traditional fire alarms can. In addition, since the alarm is often verified by the central station, the fire department knows that there truly is a fire when they are called to a property. In many cases, they also know many of the details of the fire which can help them fight the fire more effectively. Having monitored fire alarms on your property is an excellent way to protect your family and keep your home and your loved ones safe from a dangerous fire.
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Alarms Protect Properties, Belongings & Loved Ones

Alarms Protect and Provide Peace of Mind

alarms protectWhen you install alarms in your home, you do so to prevent crime. Likely, one of your goals is to prevent break-ins and vandalism. Alarms protect people and they do an excellent job at keeping your home safe from these crimes. Monitored alarms go even further. They make it much more likely that a criminal will be caught in the act and made to pay for his or her crime.They provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that, no matter where you are, your home will be watched over by a trained team at the central monitoring station. Smart alarms even make it possible for you to check in on your own property. You can watch your security cameras, receive alerts from your system and even activate your alarms remotely.

This provides you with the ultimate peace of mind as you never have to worry about what is taking place at home. As long as you have a smart phone, tablet or computer and an Internet connection, you can ensure that your home is always safe. You can even be alerted to trouble conditions via email or text. However, alarms protect more than just your property. They also help you protect your family and your loved ones.

Home Alarms Protect your Loved Ones

Installing alarms at home gives you the peace of mind in knowing that your loved ones will always be safe. Alarms protect in many ways. They aren’t just for setting when you’re away from home. You can activate motion detectors on floors that you are not currently on in order to improve security. For example, if you’re sleeping upstairs at night, you can set your alarms to detect motion on the lower floors of your house. You can also leave window and door protection on when you’re inside so that you’ll always be alerted if someone is attempting to enter your home illegally.

Alarms protect in many ways and they are incredibly versatile tools. Your home and your family are the most important things in life. You shouldn’t have to worry about the safety and security of your loved ones. Alarms make it possible for you to rest easy and know that your family will always be safe and secure in their home.
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Surveillance Cameras Deter Criminals

Surveillance Cameras & Crime

surveillance camerasSurveillance cameras are an excellent way to protect a property. Whether you are interested in securing a business property, a private residence or any other sort of property, surveillance cameras are powerful tools that nearly everyone should consider installing. They offer a number of benefits that will reduce crime on your property. Why are surveillance cameras so powerful? They are so powerful – and so effective – because they catch criminals in the act of committing a crime. This not only makes it easier to identify the person who committed the crime, but it also allows you to know exactly what they did. Police can use the footage from surveillance cameras to make arrests, charge people and even convict criminals of their crimes.

Criminals Avoid Surveillance Cameras

For the reasons listed above, criminals frequently avoid these cameras. They understand exactly how powerful they are and how the video footage provided by surveillance cameras can hurt them. Obviously, criminals do not want to be convicted of a crime. They do not want to be caught in the act. Most criminals attempt to enter a location and leave as quickly as possible. They do not want anyone to know what they have done.

These cameras do not allow for this. They make it impossible for anyone to enter a location and to commit a crime without being spotted. In this way, they drastically decrease the amount of theft, vandalism and other crimes that take place. When you install  cameras on your property, you are telling criminals that they cannot harm you without being spotted. Criminals understand this and they avoid such locations.

This is how cameras deter criminals and reduce crime. There are a number of different aspects to take into account when you are installing surveillance cameras. It is best to discuss the situation with a qualified and experienced loss prevention professional who can help you determine which cameras will work best for your unique situation. A loss prevention professional can also assist you in determining the optimal locations to install the surveillance cameras in order to provide your property with the most protection.
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Access Control Technology Prevents Theft

Access Control Technology to Protect your Business

Access Control TechnologyYou can drastically reduce theft at your business by installing access control technology. Access control technology works by using key tags or key cards to control access to certain parts of a property. This allows you to monitor employees as they move throughout your property and to restrict certain areas of your building to only certain individuals. This method of controlling access makes properties safer and reduces threat. For example, using access control technology methods to restrict access to an office supply room can ensure that only those employees who need to access the room will be allowed into that room.

It also enables you to monitor and record who entered the room at all times, allowing you to know exactly who was in the room at a specific time (such as when a theft took place.) This shows how access control is incredibly powerful at preventing theft. Access control systems are perfect for investigating any criminal activity that may take place on your property. Access control systems also let you restrict access to certain areas so that only employees and not the general public can enter them. Again, this is another way of reducing theft and other crimes at your business. You can reduce theft from both inside and outside the company by utilizing an access control system on your commercial property.

Using Access Control Technology at your Property

In addition to preventing crime and reducing theft, business owners can use access control systems in a number of different and very useful ways. For example, access control systems can be used to monitor employee attendance. This can be easily done by requiring employees to tap their access control key tags or key cards in order to enter and exit the building. Access control systems also provide a great deal of convenience as they allow you to stop using a variety of different keys in your business.

Rather than having separate keys for different rooms and distributing those keys to the employees who require them, you can simply use key tags or cards instead. Those tags and cards can be centrally programmed to meet your unique specifications. Using an access control system and access control technology at your business is a convenient and practical way to prevent theft and ensure structure and order.
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