Nadia Fezzani safety adviceNadia Fezzani is a Canadian journalist who has conducted extensive research and interviews with many notorious American serial killers. As a specialist on serial killers, Ms. Fezzani gives conferences on the topic to university students and to different organizations. She also works with production companies on TV documentaries. She’s gotten into the minds of some of the most dangerous serial killers alive and learned to understand how they think. She has used this knowledge to provide helpful safety advice and tips on how you can avoid becoming a victim of a violent attack.

People tend to believe that people such as British Columbia serial killer, Robert Pickton, are of a rare species. Yet, in addition to approximately 40 serial killers already caught in Canada, many Canadian serial murderers run free.

In fact, 12 serial killers were notorious enough to be given nicknames without ever being found. They still live somewhere among us.

The Edmonton Prostitute Killer, the Canada Highway murderer, the Highway 16 Killer, the London Ontario Killer, the NW Territories Headhunter, The Ontario Lover’s Lane Killer, The Ottawa Teen Killer, The Toronto Hospital for Sick Children Murderer, the Toronto Prostitute Executioner, the Toronto Rape Slayer, the Montreal Boys Slasher and the Montreal Gay Ripper are all serial killers who were never caught.

Also, many homicides will never be linked together even if some of the murderers are captured. It is sometimes impossible to know if the crimes were committed by the same individual.

What can we do to avoid being victims of attackers? We all know the basic rules: lock your doors, do not talk to strangers, get an alarm system, have a guard dog at home and trust your instincts. Other less-known advice includes having deadbolt locks on all doors and avoiding wearing a pony tail at night. In addition, never bring God into a conversation when you face an attacker, as it will only enrage them. Fortunately for us, American serial killers today open up to give us tricks in their own words on how to better protect ourselves from others like them. Their advice is effective against any type of aggressor. Take their tips into consideration since they come from the experts and, ironically, usually relate to their own crimes.

The Happy Face Killer

Born in Canada, Keith Jesperson moved to Oregon at the age of 12. A trucker by profession, he would make his truck the prime location for his crimes. Although his first murder would end up being a fight that didn’t turn out well, he later acted violently whenever he faced a dilemma. He claimed that killing became too easy with time. When a couple was convicted for his first murder, Jesperson wrote to the authorities and the media to prove the guilty one was still free. He would sign his letters with a smile. What safety advice can be learned from him?

Safety Advice

At home, always keep your curtains pulled closed. Don’t let criminals see inside and determine what is worth taking, would it be property, assault, or your life. No free viewing! This safety advice can save your life!

Remove shrubbery and trees that allow people to stand by your home undetected.

Have lots of lights and invest in a security system. This is crucial safety advice.

Invest in the cam-over top and bottom bolts to secure your doors. Garage doors also need to be bolted so door openers cannot open them without the safety bolt disengaged.

Do not leave spare keys outside, under rocks, rugs or with anyone other than a neighbour you can trust.