Flemingdon Park is a Toronto neighbourhood located in the former City of North York. Its northern boundary is Eglinton Avenue and its eastern, western and southern boundaries are all the Don River. Flemingdon Park is mostly filled with commercial offices and apartments, though there are now several newer single-family homes being built in the area. There is also a great deal of parkland in the neighbourhood, including Flemingdon park itself.In the area south of Eglinton but north of St. Dennis Drive, there is an average of 4.19 crimes against people per 1000 and an average of 6 crimes against property per 1000. South of St. Dennis drive and north of the actual Flemingdon Park, there is an average of 12.35 crimes against people and 18.74 crimes against property. South of Flemingdon Park to the Don Valley Parkway, there are 6.09 crimes against people per 1000 and 8.36 crimes against property.Like all Toronto neighbourhoods, there is crime in Flemingdon Park.In January 2009 police were called to a Flemingdon Park apartment building after shots were fired. From Canoe.ca:
Cops were called to Flemingdon Park after shots rang out at 9 p.m. Wednesday, Toronto Police Const. Wendy Drummond said.One man was found injured in front of Liu’s building, while a second victim showed up in hospital. Both were treated for non life-threatening gunshot wounds.The men, 23 and 33 years old, were walking from the neighbourhood recreation centre to 45 Grenoble Dr. when a male “dressed all in black” walked up to them and began firing, Drummond said.
In June of 2009, a man was assaulted and shot in the leg on St. Denis Drive, near Eglinton Avenue and the Don Valley Parkway. He was chased by two men, beaten and shot in the leg. According to the Toronto Star, “it’s not clear exactly what caused the pair to shoot the man.”It may have been a botched robbery, a fight or another type of altercation.It’s important to remember that crime can occur almost anywhere at any time, even at a schools. Most parents assume that their children are relatively safe while they are at school, but this is unfortunately not always true. In March of 2010, three students were arrested at Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute after they attacked another student with a stun gun. A report from Global News describes the crime:
Const. Wendy Drummond said three students allegedly rushed the 19-year-old victim in an open hallway of the Flemingdon Park high school around noon. He then fell to the ground where he was kicked, punched and shocked with the stun gun causing minor burns on his leg.The suspects, all between 19 and 21 years old, fled the scene, but were chased and arrested by the police’s school resource officer. Police seized a stun gun and brass knuckles during the arrest. However, it is unclear whether the latter was used during the assault.
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