O’Connor-Parkview is a Toronto neighbourhood that is located in the East York area of the city. This neighbourhood can be further broken down into Topham Park, Woodbine Gardens and Parkview Hills. The overall O’Connor-Parkview neighbourhood is located southeast of the Don Valley. It is bordered by Taylor-Massey Creek in the south, Victoria Park Avenue in the east and Holland Avenue in the north.Topham Park is the area that is bordered by Victoria Park Avenue in the east, Holland Avenue in the north, Westview Boulevard in the west and St. Clair Avenue in the south.Woodbine Gardens is bordered by St. Clair Avenue in the north, O’Connor Drive in the west, Victoria Park Avenue in the east and Taylor-Massey Creek in the south.Parkview Hills is bordered by the Don Valley in the north and west, Westview Boulevard and O’Connor Drive in the east and Taylor-Massey Creek in the south.Schools in the area include Crescent Town Elementary School and Presteign Heights Elementary School.

O’Connor–Parkview Crime Rates & Crime Statistics

The three regions inside the O’Connor-Parkview neighbourhood each have their own characteristics and structure that separates them from one another. There are a wide variety of different structures within the neighbourhood, from high-rise buildings to smaller bungalows to two-storey houses.Here are the O’Connor-Parkview crime rates against people and property. All rates are per 1,000 living and working in the area.
RegionCrime Against People in O’Connor–ParkviewCrime Against Property in O’Connor–Parkview
Bordered by Holland, Victoria Park, O’Connor, St. Clair (Topham Park Area)8.58 per 100015.89 per 1000
Bordered by St. Clair, Rexleigh Drive, Glen Albert Drive, Cedarcrest Boulevard, Gower Street, Victoria Park13.99 per 100018.71 per 1000
Bordered by Gower, Victoria Park, Dawes Road, Taylor-Massey Creek8.08 per 100018.25 per 1000
Bordered by St. Clair, Rexleigh, Glen Albert, Cedarcrest, Gower, Dawes, Taylor Massey, St. Clair6.41 per 100012.47 per 1000
Bordered by Northline, Don Valley O’Connor, Curity Avenue, Denvale Road, Doris Drive3.33 per 100011.15 per 1000
Bordered by Don Valley, Curity, Denvale, Doris, St. Clair, Taylor-Massey Creek4.32 per 10006.43 per 1000

O’Connor–Parkview Crime

In February 2011, a man was stabbed in the Woodbine Gardens area. From the Toronto Star:
A man is in hospital after being found with multiple stab wounds by police officers in Woodbine Gardens.Police responded to a call around 9:20 p.m. on Dawes Rd., north of Danforth Ave. and found a man who was reportedly stabbed several times in the back.
In October 2008, five people were stabbed in the St. Clair and O’Connor area. From CTV News:
A fight at a post-football-game party in East York left five people stabbed, including one critically wounded, in one of several violent incidents in Toronto overnight.The incident occurred at a home on Parkview Hill Crescent, which is in the St. Clair Avenue and O’Connor Drive area, at 10:20 p.m. Police say an uninvited guest showed up at the party.When officers arrived, they found five young men who had been stabbed. Some were high-school age, and others were slightly older.
In January 2008 a teenager was stabbed in the Parkview Hills area. From City TV:
Police received a call from a woman saying her friend had been stabbed in the stomach and they rushed to the Bermondsey Rd. and North Line Blvd. area at around 6 p.m. But once they arrived authorities couldn’t find the victim or the caller.Not long after the witness again spoke to a dispatcher and police redirected their focus to the Parkview Hill neighbourhood. The victim was then found lying on the sidewalk near corner of Northdale Blvd. and Denvale Rd.
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