Trinity-Bellwoods, Toronto (also known as Portugal Village) is a Toronto neighbourhood that is located in the west end of downtown Toronto. The neighbourhood is bordered by several major Toronto streets. The northern border is Dundas Street and the southern border is Queen Street West. The neighbourhood of Trinity-Bellwoods runs between Ossington Avenue in the west and Bathurst Street in the east. The area is named for nearby Trinity-Bellwoods Park, which is located south of Dundas, between Gore Vale Avenue and Crawford Street. The park stretches all the way to Queen Street West. It is a very popular park within the city and it is often quite busy. As it is a downtown Toronto neighbourhood, there is crime present in Trinity-Bellwoods. Both crimes against people and crimes against property are somewhat common. Between Bathurst Street and Gore Vale Avenue, there is an average of 6.41 crimes against people per 1,000 people living and work in the area. There is an average of 24.5 crimes against property per 1,000. West of Gore Vale Avenue until Ossington Avenue, there is an average of 6.02 crimes against people and 24.09 crimes against property per 1,000 people living and working in the neighbourhood. In 2008, the owner of a local bicycle story was charged with directing another man to steal several bikes from Trinity-Bellwood Park. The store owner runs a bicycle shop on Queen Street West and was charged with one count of theft and one count of attempted theft by police. Several bikes are reported stolen from Trinty Bellwoods Park each year. When you are locking up your bicycle, it is important to use a secure lock or two and to lock the bike against a proper bicycle stand, rather than a tree, pole or other similar structure. You should only lock your bike in an area where it will be visible to many people as this can dissuade thieves. At home, be sure to leave your bicycle inside a locked garage or in your home rather than outside. Bicycle theft in Toronto is very common and being careful with your bike is incredibly important. In addition to bike theft, other crimes take place in the park as well. In 2009, two teens were arrested in connection with a series of robberies in the neighbourhood. The two young men reportedly robbed several passersby of their valuables within Trinity Bellwoods Park. They were armed with a weapon. They were charged with several counts of robbery and weapons offences. Unfortunately, crime in Trinity Bellwoods Park can sometimes become quite serious. In 2007 a man was stabbed and killed in the park. The murder was the result of an argument between the victim and a group of panhandlers that turned deadly. This situation highlights the fact that what sometimes seems like a simple squabble at first can quickly escalate. It is important to remain respectful of those around you at all times as there is no way for you to know the capabilities or mental state of anyone you are dealing with. As always, if a situation seems dangerous or risky, leave the area as soon as possible to avoid danger. There is no sense in remaining in a potentially harmful scenario for any longer than needed.