Alarm Systems Monitoring Gets Better with SafeTech Monitoring Station

safetech alarm systems monitoring stationSafeTech Alarm Systems is pleased to announce the opening of SafeTech Monitoring Station. This state of the art alarm system monitoring station, originally purchased by SafeTech in January 2014, has undergone extensive upgrades. It now allows for Canada-wide monitoring of burglar, fire, medical, panic, flood, gas and temperature sensors and more. Conveniently located in Toronto – Canada’s largest city and one of the largest and fastest-growing cities in North America – SafeTech Monitoring Station (SMS) will improve upon SafeTech’s already award-winning alarm system monitoring services and allow us to offer a level of service unlike ever before.

This fully redundant and U.L.C listed central monitoring station allows SafeTech to continue to fulfill its mission of offering unparalleled client support while securing people and property across North America.

SafeTech Monitoring Station provides alarm signals processing coming from thousands of hazard detection devices located at the premises of our clients. We offer Two Way Audio, Video, GSM Cellular and IP Monitoring services for all types of facilities. Monitoring home and business alarm systems against different threats, improving security and safety for thousands of people and holding criminals responsible for their crimes.

Central alarm systems monitoring station operators at SMS can view the status of alarm systems, security cameras, smoke and fire detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, flood and water sensors and a variety of other security tools in real-time. This information can be used to relay important details to property owners in order to reduce crime and keep properties safer than ever before. Alarm systems monitoring station operators can also conduct real time visual and audio communication with the location and are able to remotely assist in trouble situations and even help responding authorities while they investigate.

SafeTech Monitoring Station also allows for video verified response. In the case of an alarm or trouble condition, central station staff can access live video from security cameras in order to specifically determine what is taking place at the property. This lets the staff verify alarms and reduce situations where emergency authorities respond to false alarms. It also lets alarm systems monitoring staff understand more about the situation that is taking place so that they can relay these crucial details to the authorities. This can help them respond to the situation in the most appropriate manner.

SafeTech Alarm Systems has achieved many milestones in the security industry including: • 96% customer satisfaction • 89 seconds average monitoring response time • Only .2% rate of loss – the lowest in the industry • Being ranked number one in security by both HomeStars and Consumer Choice

For more information on SafeTech Monitoring Station as well as SafeTech’s extensive line of security and protection services, please contact us today. With more than 25 years of experience, SafeTech has become one of the most trusted names in the security industry. We are known for our high quality security services as well as our dedication to customer service. The launch of SafeTech Monitoring Station will allow us to continue to protect our clients and deliver an even higher level of alarm system monitoring service than before.