When you’re out of town for business or on vacation you may find yourself worrying about your home. You might be thinking about someone breaking into your house when you’re not around. You could be preoccupied with thoughts of a flood or fire happening without you knowing. Those are valid concerns and they should certainly be addressed by a strong home security and fire prevention system. However, you should also be thinking about your personal safety while you’re staying in your hotel. Here are few tips for your hotel safety.

Hotel Safety Tips

Some people think that they will be safe in a hotel because the lock on their door and the fact that the hotel has a concierge at the front desk. While those factors certainly help protect you, you also have to be careful about feeling “invincible” when you’re in a hotel. It’s important to keep your own hotel safety and security as well as the security of any items in your room in mind when you’re staying at a hotel. Hotel safety is mandatory.

Only take the electronic devices that you will actually need. These days it’s quite common to take a laptop, tablet, smart phone, camera and many other electronic items when you travel. However, these items are expensive, lusted after by criminals and generally easy to steal. No one thinks twice if they see someone leaving a room with a laptop computer. When you travel, take only the items that you are actually going to use. You may not need to bring your computer or tablet with you at all. You can likely use your smart phone for email and accessing the Internet. If you don’t have a smart phone, many hotels have “business centers” where you can access the Internet. If not, there is probably an Internet cafe nearby somewhere. Hotel safety is important. If you are traveling on business, for example, and you absolutely need to bring your laptop along, carry it with you or lock it up in your room somehow. Many hotels offer in-room safes. Make sure you consider your hotel safety when travelling. Read our tips for your own hotel safety.

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Does Your Smoke Alarm Work?

Whether you live in a house, an apartment, a townhouse or a condominium, you more than likely have a smoke detector. Almost everyone does and in most areas it’s against the law to not have one. You likely know where your smoke detector is located, but do you know that it works? When is the last time you tested it out?

A functioning smoke detector could be the difference between safety and tragedy. According to the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, smoke detectors can reduce the risk of death from residential fires by as much as 50 percent. However, an estimated one-third of American households do not have a working smoke detector installed.

Most smoke detectors have a “test” button on the unit so that you can tell if it is functioning correctly. You should never use a flame such as a candle, lighter or match to test a smoke detector. Test every smoke detector in your home each month to make sure that you are adequately protected.

If your detector is not working, replacing the batteries may solve your problem. You should change smoke alarm batteries at least once a year. Some fire department recommend changing the batteries twice a year and daylight savings time is a good way to remember to do so. Whenever you change your clocks forward or back, make sure that you change the batteries in your smoke detector as well. Never remove batteries from a smoke detector without replacing them immediately. Some people take batteries out in order to use the batteries in other devices. Never do this. It can be incredibly dangerous. Make sure that you do not paint over your smoke detector as this could seriously decrease its use and possibly cause it to no longer function.

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Your Home is only as Strong as its Weakest Link

When you’re planning your home security system and implementing this plan, it’s important to consider all areas of your home. Criminals are often resourceful and will take the path of least resistance to burglarize a property. This is why it is so important to ensure that every link in your security system is strong and functioning properly.

One area that people often neglect is the front door of the home. Yes, criminals often enter through windows or side doors, but the front door remains a very common entry point. In fact, many statistics show that the front door is the most common entry point for burglars. Not only should your front door be protected by your home security system, but it should als be strong enough that it cannot be tampered with easily.

Most door manufacturers produce a variety of different front doors with varying strength. Solid wood doors and steel-edged doors typically perform better in tests than wood-edged doors or doors made from other materials. The door frame is also very important. Older door frames or door frames that are made from weaker materials can easily be damaged and broken by criminals armed with screwdrivers or crowbars. The strongest door in the world is nearly useless if you do not hang your door correctly from a strong frame. The type of lock on your door is also very important. Deadbolt locks are by far the best choice for locking exterior doors. Make sure that you choose a strong deadbolt from a reliable manufacturer.

You will also want to secure your side and rear doors. Many homes feature sliding glass doors that lead out to the backyard. These doors are very visually appealing while also being very convenient. However, they are much easier to tamper with and break into than solid wood or steel doors. If you home has sliding exterior doors, make sure that you lock them at all times. There are additional security devices that you can use to prevent sliding doors from being opened easily from the outside.

It is also very important to secure all areas of your home, not just certain ones. Many break-ins start on the ground floor of a home, but increasing ground floor security has resulted in many burglars choosing to enter through the second floor instead. Make sure that all second storey windows are also protected by strong locks and a security system. You may wish to put bars on your windows as well. Modern security bars come in a variety of styles that add beauty to your home. These security devices are a great idea for ground floor windows as well. Make sure that the security bars you install can be easily removed from the inside. This is especially true in sleeping areas. If there is a fire or other emergency, the window may be your only method of escape. You need to ensure that you can remove the bars quickly and easily so that you can exit through the window. For more information on security bars, please visit our the security bars section of our website.

You should conduct a home security audit to ensure that your security system does not feature any weaknesses. SafeTech Alarm Systems has been protecting people and property for more than 20 years. Our loss prevention professionals have the experience and knowledge needed to properly assess your property and provide advice on how you can keep your home safe. Contact us today.

Outdoor Adventures & Safety

The warm weather is here for most people and it’s a great time to get outside, enjoy nature and embark on some great adventures! Here are a few tips to keep you safe when you’re enjoying yourself in the great outdoors.

Wear Appropriate Footwear.

It’s important to wear the right equipment, and that starts with your shoes. Depending on your activity, different footwear is needed. Make sure that you wear shoes that offer firm ankle support, are weather resistant and have appropriate tread for the terrain. Playing basketball, jogging in the park and hiking all require different footwear in order to avoid injury.

Pack the Right Supplies.

Whether you’re planning on heading out for a few days or just a few hours, you’ll need to bring the right supplies with you. Outside of specialized items for your particular activity, you’ll want to bring items that will help you in an emergency. For example, a flashlight, matches, a candle, a signaling device such as a whistle, extra food and water, a first aid kit and a map are all important items that can help you a great deal in an emergency.

Protect Yourself from the Elements.

Wear sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses even if it doesn’t appear to be that sunny outside. Prolonged sun exposure can lead to dehydration, sunburns, sunstroke, heat stroke and other serious problems. You should also make sure that you bring plenty of water with you and that you drink water regularly.

Take a Partner.

If you’re planning on heading out for an extended period of time, partaking in a possibly dangerous activity or venturing very far into the wilderness, it’s a good idea to take someone else with you. If you are lost, injured or become sick, you’ll be glad to have someone there to help you.

Be Careful Around Water.

If your travels take you anywhere near water or in the water, it’s important to exercise extreme caution. You can drown in a very small amount of water or disappear under the current of a river quite quickly. Always wear an approved lifejacket if you are in the water.