Burglar Alarm Systems

burglar alarm systemsWhether you own a home or a business you are susceptible to break-ins and theft. One of the best ways to safeguard against these potential threats is to outfit your home or business with a SafeTech burglar alarm systems. When shopping for the burglar alarm systems, it is easy to get overwhelmed and confused by the choices that are made available to you. Before making purchase, it is important to familiarize yourself with the different options available to you. These systems range from do-it-yourself kits to sophisticated whole-house security networks that must be installed by professionals. Once you understand the burglar alarm systems you can confidently make the purchase that best suits your security needs. At SafeTech our courteous and professional sales staff will help walk you through the various burglar systems options at your disposal.

Component of Burglar Alarm Systems

The first line of defence when building your home burglar alarm systems to place alarm sensors at all entry points to the home. By successfully installing these systems on all doors and windows you are setting up the first line of defence. If a window or door is kicked, broken or opened the sensor will trigger your burglar alarm systems and SafeTech’s central monitoring center will be notified of the issue.

The 2nd Component of Burglar Alarm Systems

Another key component of a SafeTech burglar alarm system is motion detectors. Motion detectors are an excellent way to ensure that no intruder can gain access to your home. Our motion detectors are usually placed in the corners of rooms where they send out ultrasonic waves across a room. If the electronic waves do not bounce back to the detector in the same pattern the system recognizes that there is motion in the room and it will trigger the alarm and our central monitoring system will be alerted.

The alarm is another key component of SafeTech’s burglar alarm systems. Typically these systems will let out a loud siren that may or may not be accompanied by flashing lights. Depending on the SafeTech system you have installed it might also auto dial the authorities, alerting them to the intrusion. The sound of the burglar systems is designed to scare off the intruder as well as alert the home/business owner and any neighbours to the presence of a potential burglar. The burglar alarm systems are also monitored by a central monitoring station that watches over your home or business and act as the virtual security guard. In the event of a break in the monitoring station will call the house to determine what the exact problem is and alert the necessary authorities. To learn more about our various burglar alarm systems contact us today.