Card AccessControl

card access control Card access control systems are used as an alternative to traditional mechanical keys and locks. Through card access control tools, users are able to establish secured entrances to buildings and areas that can only be penetrated with the aid of electronic key cards. Card access control set-ups help the user control who enters a given area and can also dictate when certain individuals are permitted access to certain areas. Through a windows based software system card access systems can monitor comings and goings of any secured entry way.

Card Access Control Forms

There are two popular forms of card access control systems that both deliver excellent safe and secure access control: swipe cards and proximity cards. Swipe cards require the user to physically insert their key card through a card reader in order to gain access to an area. Swipe cards are very popular and have been adopted by many subway and public transit systems across the world to give fast and efficient access to their customers. Proximity cards require the user to wave their key card over a proximity reader. Proximity cards are common in many office and condominiums to provide security to common entry ways. Speak with a SafeTech security advisor to find out which of these options will work best for your particular application.

Card Access Control Benefits

Both card access control systems offer a great deal of benefits over the traditional key and lock form of access control. First and foremost traditional keys can easily by copied creating a potential security risk. Key cards on the other hand are incredibly difficult to copy thus eliminating the need to change your locks if a key is lost. All card access systems SafeTech carries can be easily linked up with a SafeTech alarm system.

SafeTech Alarm Systems has been providing security tools and technology for more than 20 years. We understand how to correctly use technology and tools such as card access control systems to protect people and property. Our loss prevention specialists will be more than happy to speak with you regarding any security issues you have and assist you in keeping your property safe.