Commercial Alarm SystemsNow that summer is here, your mind is likely filled with all sorts of thoughts, both personal and professional. You probably aren’t thinking of installing a new commercial security system. In fact, you might be creating your summer work schedule, putting together a plan for the next few months of work and also considering taking time off for a vacation.

However, one thing that you should certainly be thinking of is installing a commercial security system at your property.

The Importance of a Commercial Security System

Why is a commercial security system crucial thought heading into the summer? There are a number of reasons:
  • There are fewer people around to witness crimes
    – If you don’t have a commercial security system installed, you have to count on the fact that passersby will notice if someone tries to break into your property. This isn’t always a good strategy, to begin with, but it’s one that can be even less effective in the summer.
    – During the summer months, more and more people will be out of town on vacation or at the cottage. This leaves your property especially defenseless.
  • People have more time
    – During the summer months, young people are out of school, and they may also have time off from work. This gives them more opportunities to get into mischiefs such as vandalism and breaking and entering.
  • You may wish to close for a vacation
    – Many businesses close for a few weeks during the summer to allow staff to have some time off. Others institute “summer hours” where they are closed more often than usual. These additional closed periods can give criminals more opportunities to strike.
By installing a commercial security system at your property, you protect yourself from summer crime as well as a crime all year round. The savings you get from avoiding vandalism and break-ins more than pay for the costs of the security tools.

Consider having your commercial security system monitored by a central monitoring station. This will ensure that your property will be watched over at all times, no matter where you are.

You may also wish to look into services that allow you to remotely monitor your location. These tools make it possible to check in on your business from nearly anywhere with an internet connection.
For more information on a commercial security system and keeping your business secure, please contact SafeTech today. We have more than 20 years of experience in protecting people and property.