continuous video monitoringMonitored video surveillance cameras have a wide variety of applications. They keep your property safe and provide peace of mind. video surveillance cameras

The Power of Video Surveillance Cameras

Video surveillance cameras are one of the most powerful forms of security. Footage from security cameras can be used to identify a criminal and place him or her at the scene of a crime. It can also be used to monitor a location and record exactly what is taking place at a property at any time of day. This makes it an incredibly useful tool for many different reasons. Continuously monitoring video surveillance cameras has a wide array of benefits that make it an excellent choice for any home or business. Benefits include:

Using your smartphone or tablet to view live streaming video while you are away

  • You can use your video surveillance cameras to check up on pets or family members, monitor babysitters, housekeepers or tradespeople, and much more, 24/7.
  • For example, you can log into your cameras and check to make sure your children got home from school safely. You can also use your cameras to verify that anyone working in your home is doing their job.
  • At a business, you can use your video surveillance cameras to keep an eye on staff members and your company’s assets.
  • Continuously monitoring security cameras can give you incredible peace of mind.

Real-time alerts

  • If there is a trouble condition in your home, your video surveillance cameras are always watching. Your system can even send an instant alert to your smartphone whenever there is an issue. Your cameras can also automatically begin recording and storing footage in the cloud whenever there is an issue so that you will have footage as evidence.
  • Plus, in the event of an alarm, you will be able to see what’s going on in your property in real-time right away. This allows you to verify the situation, which will eliminate the authorities being called for false alarms.
  • You can even receive custom alerts on your phone for nearly any situation, such as an alert whenever a car pulls into your driveway when motion is detected at the front door when a package is delivered, and nearly anything else.
Continuous recording gives you the ability to capture high-definition video footage from your home or business 24/7. This unique service is secure, effective, and reliable, making it an incredible choice for any property. You can even remotely pan and tilt the video surveillance cameras using your smartphone, tablet or laptop in order to see different views of a location. Video cameras can easily be integrated with your security system to protect your property from a variety of threats and dangers. Contact a member of our loss prevention team today to find out more about continuous video surveillance cameras monitoring and how this technology can be used at your premises.