Summer Home Security Tips to Keep You Safe

safetech summer home securitySummer is almost here and it’s time to celebrate! However, you’ll also want to make sure that you take appropriate precautions to keep your home safe this summer. Here are five summer home security tips that will help you:

Watch out for “Workers” in the Neighbourhood

During the summer, a lot of construction and repair jobs take place. This means you’re likely going to see more than a few construction workers and contractors walking around your neighbourhood. While this is normal, be aware that criminals sometimes pretend to be people working in the neighbourhood in order to spy on properties. They are looking for ways into homes or hoping to find out more about the routines of residents so they can break in when you’re not around.

If you see anyone suspicious in your neighbourhood, report them to the authorities and don’t allow strangers into your home, even if they claim to be from the utility company or city workers.

Summer Home Security and Your Vacation

You might be planning on taking a vacation away from home this summer. If you are, make sure that your summer home security system is working before you head on vacation. Ask a trusted friend to mow your lawn, collect your mail, and occasionally move your car while you’re away. This will make it less obvious to criminals that you’re away from home.

Know that Kids are Out of School

During the summer, there will be more children on the streets. Keep this in mind when driving. You’ll also want to look out for potential vandalism from bored high school students. Install adequate lighting on your home to dissuade them from harming your property.

Beware of Social Media

You might be tempted to share your summer adventures on social media, including posting all of the fun vacations you go on and great restaurants you visit. However, it isn’t a good idea to share your location on social media when you’re away from home. It’s not the best way to improve summer home security. Privacy settings on social networks aren’t full proof and criminals use the information they find on social media to plan break-ins. If criminals know that you’re away from home, they know that they can strike an empty house. Instead of posting in the moment, wait until you get back home before sharing your photos. This will keep you secure.

Summer Barbecue Safety

In addition to summer home security, before you start up your barbecue for the season, do a full inspection to make sure that all tanks, hoses, lines, and other important parts are still in good condition. The long winter could likely have damaged your barbecue, so make sure to check and to make repairs before you fire it up this season.