Home Security Tips for Travellers: Protecting Your Home when you’re Away

When you’re on vacation, you likely put some time and effort into protecting yourself. You don’t carry too much cash on you. You leave your valuables at home. You might avoid certain neighbourhoods at night. But do you think about protecting your home when you’re away? It’s important to do so. Here are some great home security tips for travellers.

Keeping your Home Safe: Home Security Tips for Travellers

home security tips travellersOne of the most important home security tips for travellers is that you take steps to ensure that your home looks occupied. Hold your mail, cancel your newspaper delivery and arrange to have someone cut your grass or shovel your snow as needed. All of these activities are great home security tips for travellers because they make your home look occupied even if it isn’t. You’ll also want to consider placing your lights on timers, both inside and outside your home. You can even put a radio or television on a timer to simulate someone being home.

It also helps to ask a trusted friend or family member to stop by and check on your home occasionally. This person can collect any flyers that are left on your door and fix any issues that may be visible to a criminal, such as a burned out light bulb on your porch. Having someone make minor adjustments to your home, such as moving your car or adjusting your curtains or blinds can also make your home appear occupied and is one of the key home security tips for travellers.

Another one of the major home security tips for travellers to ensure peace of mind is to make sure that your alarm system is activated and working correctly. Before you go on vacation, it is a good idea to upgrade your home security system to a monitored alarm system. This will ensure that someone is always watching over your property while you are on vacation. If anything takes place while you are gone, the central monitoring station can react quickly to handle the problem, notifying you and the appropriate authorities right away.

By following these home security tips you’ll keep your home safe and be able to enjoy your vacation that much more, since you won’t be worried about the security of your home.