Photoelectric Smoke Detectors: How They Save Lives

photoelectric smoke detectorsPhotoelectric smoke detectors keep homes and families safe. You can’t predict when a fire will start and, unfortunately, once one starts, it can spread very quickly. Fires can rapidly grow in size and cause serious damage and even death in a very short period of time. Without proper smoke detectors and fire alarms, you may not even notice a fire before it’s too late to escape.

This is why installing working smoke detectors and fire alarms (such as photoelectric smoke detectors) is so important. Fire alarms alert you to a situation and give you an opportunity to react while you still can.

Due to the incredible level of protection that they offer, fire alarms and smoke detectors are a mandatory requirement in all homes. For example, in Ontario, every home must have a working smoke detector on every floor and outside all sleeping areas. Homeowners must maintain these fire alarms.

What Are Photoelectric Smoke Detectors?

Photoelectric smoke detectors use a light source that is aimed away from a sensor inside a chamber. When smoke enters the chamber, it reflects light towards the sensor which activates the alarm. Photoelectric smoke detectors are incredibly useful at detecting smoke and they seldom cause false alarms, such as those caused by cooking. Photoelectric smoke detectors are also excellent at detecting smoldering fires.

Smoke can be very deadly and it can spread quickly, so having photoelectric smoke detectors that are able to quickly detect smoke in your home is crucial.

Monitored Fire Alarms & Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

You can greatly improve the effectiveness of your fire alarms by connecting them to a central monitoring system. When your fire alarms and photoelectric detectors are monitored, the central station is immediately notified as soon as there is an issue. The monitoring station can then contact you to inform you of the situation or, depending on the arrangements that you have made with your security provider, the monitoring station can even contact the fire department directly. This greatly improves the response time and saves lives.

Installing fire alarms and photoelectric detectors is important for safety and security. You never know when a fire is going to occur in your home and you want to ensure that you are prepared for the situation should it take place. Unfortunately, fire and smoke kill numerous people each year. Having photoelectric smoke detectors installed can provide you with safety and peace of mind.