Physical Security Bars Keep You Safe

physical security bars When many people think of home security, they think of alarm systems and security cameras. This makes sense as these tools are excellent ways to protect your property. However, combining these tools with physical security tools (such as window bars) will give you even better protection and will likely prevent burglars from entering your premises in the first place.
There are a number of reasons for this.

One is that physical security bars are a strong visual deterrent. Criminals see a property that has bars installed and they often consider moving on to a different location. It simply isn’t worth it to them to try and break into a property that has this level of security. Criminals take the path of least resistance.

Why Physical Security Bars are Effective

The effectiveness of security bars is a key reason that they are such a good choice. While alarm systems and security cameras are very effective at catching criminals in the act and identifying them so that they will be held responsible for their crimes, security bars physically keep criminals out of a property. This fact makes them the perfect tool to complete a security system. If a criminal simply can’t get inside, he or she can’t steal anything from your property. Installing security bars can also save you money. When security bars are installed at a home or business premises, owners will not need to pay an insurance deductible as required following a loss due to break in. This is because window bars make it less likely that the window glass on the property is being broken. In addition, having a comprehensive security system (such as one that includes cameras, alarms and security bars) will reduce your overall insurance costs. This is because many home insurance providers offer a discount on homes that are properly secured.

Window bars are usually made with a thick grade of steel that will make the job of cutting through them very tedious and onerous. Most bars come with a white or black powder coating, allowing them to easily blend into the window. Bars are usually installed on basement or shop windows, in doors or doorways, however they can also be used to divide a room and secure internal spaces. Bars can be custom-designed to fit most openings and can be used in the form of a gate that will expand or contract in size. As you can see, there are a number of benefits to having physical security bars installed on your property. When combined with other types of security tools, they increase the overall effectiveness of the security set-up, keeping your home and your family safe.

For more information on how physical security bars can protect your property, please contact a member of our loss prevention team. At SafeTech, we understand the crucial importance of layering different types of security technology together in order to keep people safe.