Keep Your Jewellery Safe

Jewellery is a common target for criminals. This is because it’s often very valuable, small enough to carry out of a residence with ease and difficult to trace. After cash, jewellery and precious metals are the most common targets for criminals. Police estimate that jewellery accounts for as much as 70 percent of all stolen property.protect jewellery In 2012, $1,884,197,755 of jewellery was stolen in the United States. To make matters worse, only 4% of this jewellery was ever recovered. This is because jewellery can easily be sold at pawn shops or on the black market. For these reasons, jewellery is frequently stolen by criminals and, therefore, it’s important that you take steps to protect jewellery and keep it safe and secure inside your home.

Protect Jewellery in Your Home

Jewellery and other valuables should never be left out in the open where criminals can easily see them. If a criminal can look through your window and see your diamond necklace sitting on your nightstand or your gold watch placed on your coffee table, this greatly increases the likelihood of a break-in. Store your jewellery where it can’t easily be spotted. If a criminal breaks into your home, he or she will almost immediately begin looking for your jewellery. Leaving it out in the open (or in a common location that is easy to access, such as a jewellery box) will make it much more likely that it will be stolen.

A great place to protect jewellery and other valuables is inside a safe. However, the type of safe that you purchase and the location of the safe are both very important.

You’ll need to purchase and use a safe that can’t easily be tampered with. You’ll also want a safe that is large and heavy enough that a criminal can’t simply pick it up and carry it out of your home. For this reason, the best safes are both heavy and bolted to the floor or encased in concrete. You want to put as much resistance between the criminal and your valuables as possible. The more difficult it is for someone to break into or move your safe, the more protect jewellery will be.

When it comes to installing your safe, avoid placing it in the master bedroom. Criminals almost always go through the master bedroom looking for items like jewellery, since they know that this is where most people keep their valuables. If you locate the safe in your bedroom, you will increase the likelihood of it being successfully broken into because the thief will have more time to tamper with it. If your home already has a monitored alarm system, a professional thief will be in and out of it in about 5 Minutes, if he has to spend most of his time trying to find your safe and valuables, it is less likely he will be leaving with them. Instead, consider installing your safe in the basement, bolt it down to the cement floor and put a plain box over it. That should do the trick.