safelinkThis week the GTA experienced its first major snow storm of the year. While parts of the city experienced light snow, other sections North of Toronto got hit so hard many residents had to shovel their driveways three times before they even left for work. When winter storms begin to hit everyone has to be more cautious, driving becomes more difficult, sidewalks become slippery and the cold air can be dangerous. One thing we don’t think about is how winter storms can affect the safety and security of our home.

Why SafeLink?

With winter storms come inevitable power outages. Canadian storms are famous for either blowing down power lines or freezing them. Thus storms can sometimes result in the temporary knock out of power, cable and phone lines to residences. Most home alarm systems are monitored through home phone lines; therefore in the event that a winter storm has knocked out your phone lines, your alarm’s central monitoring station becomes disconnected from your system. When connection with the monitoring station has been lost your home is susceptible to break-ins, an intruder can break into your house and you will have no way of contacting to the monitoring station to send authorities. The monitoring station will be unable to maintain view of your motion sensors, or window contacts. Alternatively if the alarm goes off as a result of a mistake you will not be able to contact the monitoring station to let them know it is a false alarm. This could result in a hefty fine from the local authorities. To combat this problem SafeTech Offers SafeLink.

SafeLink is a GSM device that SafeTech uses to help better manage the communication between our monitoring station and ours clients. Each alarm system uses a home phone for communication but that doesn’t have to be the only form of communication. SafeTech can install a backup GSM device that can communicate via wireless transmission to our central monitoring station. Through this if someone breaks in when the phone line is down, we will still get all of the information that your alarm system is reporting. It does full supervisory, which means all of your alarm devices, whether it is a door or window contact or a motion sensor will be able to report information to our monitoring station. Regardless of whether the phone line is down or not we will be able to get the authorities to your home immediately following the signal. Having SafeLink is a great way to ensure your homes safety and security even in the event that a winter storm knocks out your phone line.