A Smart Thermostat that Adjusts Itself!

Smart homes are more than just alarm systems. When you have smart home technology installed in your home, you have the ability to get complete control over your home from anywhere. But that isn’t all! Now your Alarm.com powered system has the ability to make intelligent predictions about your schedule and adjust your thermostat to match your activity by using smart thermostat technology.

This not only makes your home more comfortable without having to manually adjust your thermostat, but it also helps you save energy by automatically reducing heat or air conditioning usage when you’re not at home.

A smart thermostat adjusts by using information from your Alarm.com powered system (such as alarm arming state and motion sensor activity) to make predictions as to when you will be at home or away during the week. For example, if you arm your alarm system at 8am and disarm it at 6pm every weekday, the system will learn that you are away from home during those hours and make automatic intelligent adjustments. smart thermostat scheduling A smart thermostat also includes an “Activity Patterns” feature that provides you with graphs that display the predictions from the smart thermostats. Customers can use this feature to adjust the predictions and schedules to more closely match their actual activity.

Using the activity patterns feature of the smart thermostat is easy. The graph displays your typical routines based on your past activity. It is colour-coded to show times of day when you will likely be home, away or asleep. By selecting and dragging temperature presets, you can adjust the temperature for these specific times.

For example, if you want it to be cooler when you’re asleep, warmer when you’re at home and even cooler when you’re away from home, you can easily make these adjustments. The smart thermostat system will then adjust the temperature to match your activities with your suggested temperatures, ensuring that you’re comfortable at all times and that you receive incredible energy savings. Once this information is set, it’s set and you won’t have to do anything else to save energy and increase comfort!

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