Security Cameras Protect Properties from Crime

If you have been following the news over the last few months chances are you have heard of David Chen. Chen is the grocer in Toronto’s Chinatown who made a citizens arrest of a shoplifter that had been routinely stealing inventory from his store. Chen’s brave fulfillment of civic duty has caused stirs across the country, there is great debate as to whether or not he should have pursued the serial shoplifter or left it to authorities. The aspect of the story I would like to focus on is how Chen was able to recognize the shoplifter when he returned to the scene of his earlier crimes. This was because he had cameras installed and security cameras protect businesses.

How Security Cameras Protect You

security cameras protectLike all store owners Chen was greatly concerned with the security of his inventory, for after all his inventory was his livelihood. As a result Chen installed a security camera and positioned it looking over his store. When Chen noticed that some of his plants had gone missing he immediately reviewed his security tapes and was able to watch the crime take place. This is just one of the many ways that security cameras protect properties from crime. Thanks to his security camera Chen was able to place a positive identification on the thief and instantly recognized him when he returned later that day in an attempt to steal more. Once Chen spotted him pursued him and made a citizens arrest. Thanks to his security camera Chen was able to protect his businesses from further theft while at the same time apprehending a criminal who had victimized him.

security cameras protectChen’s story is an excellent example of how security cameras protect businesses. Whether you own a small grocery store in Toronto’s Chinatown or a large warehouse in an industrial park you are susceptible to theft, break-ins, property damage and other crimes. It’s important that you understand how security cameras protect properties and what makes them so crucial. Security cameras can help to deter crime if they are placed in a highly visible area as most criminals will not take the chance of being recorded in the act of committing a crime. If a criminal does commit a crime in front of a security camera the recorded evidence will help authorities catch them and hold them accountable for their actions.

This is just one of the many ways that security cameras protect properties. Chen’s security camera protection does not end with his citizens arrest story. Two days before he was to appear in court to get hear the final ruling on his citizens arrest case he caught two more shoplifters through the aid of his security camera. For more information on security cameras please visit the SafeTech website.

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