Security System Benefits: The Most Advanced System On The Market

At SafeTech Alarm Systems we pride ourselves in offering the most up to date and state of the art security systems on the market. One of the latest technological advances in home security is 2gig’s Go!Control system. The Go!Control is the first all-in-one home alarm security system. There are many security system benefits of it. It offers a great deal of new features never seen before in one security system including a colour touch-screen interface, a GSM cellular radio, integrated two-way voice control and many more.

Go!Control: The Functional Security System

security system benefits One of the most technologically advanced features of the Go!Control home alarm security system is its ability to sync with other forms of technology you may have. The security system’s intuitive, user-friendly interface is easily linked up with your home or work computer or your web-enabled smart phone by harnessing the power of the internet. This technology allows you to gain access to your home security system when and where you need it, regardless of where you are. Among the functions that you can control from your phone are lighting, setting and disarming your security system and many more. What is even more impressive is that you do not require any additional hardware. Everything you need is contained within the Go!Control panel.

One of the unique security system benefits that this cutting edge security system possesses is a GSM cellular radio. What this means is that your home alarm system is connected to your monitoring station and emergency services through the most reliable communication option available in the industry. Traditional phone lines that are wired into homes are susceptible to a number of security concerns. First and foremost wired phone lines are able to be cut be a burglar or intruder when they attempt to break into your home. Secondly, when residential phone lines are brought down in a snow or wind storm your home remains protected thanks to the GSM cellular radio. No matter what circumstance you face your security system will always be able to stay in communication with SafeTech’s central monitoring station.

Additional Feature of The Go!Control Security System

Another groundbreaking feature of the Go!Control home security system is the integrated two-way voice communication. This feature allows our central monitoring station to listen and talk to the homeowner when an alarm is triggered through an intercom system built into the panel. This feature is incredibly important in the event that an intruder enters your home and you are unable to get to the phone or control panel. Our expertly trained monitoring station staff can listen into the situation and if they sense something is wrong they will call the authorities right away.

These are just a few of the dozens of exciting security system benefits and technologically advanced new features of the Go!Control security system. What is even more amazing is this is just the beginning! Numerous money and time-saving applications are currently being developed for 2gig’s Go!Control system. To learn more about Go!Control or to have one installed in your home contact us today.