How Smart Home Monitoring Improves Lives and Strengthens SecuritySmart Home Monitoring: Watch and Control your Home from Anywhere For the ultimate in convenience and security, trust smart home monitoring. Smart home monitoring is more than just a security service. It is a way to control and protect your home from just about anywhere. With smart home monitoring, you can use your smart phone to make life easier and more secure. From controlling your home security system to activating lighting, locking your doors, adjusting the temperature, and more, smart home monitoring makes your home safer, more functional and more convenient.

Smart Home Monitoring Notifications

You can even receive tailored notifications on your smart phone for a wide variety of events. For example, if you leave home without locking your doors or setting your alarm, you will receive a notification on your smart phone as you pull out of the driveway. But, not only do you get a notification, you can also react to the notification and solve the issue by remotely activating your locks and setting your alarm. This is the ultimate peace of mind and the kind of security that will truly change your life. Smart home monitoring notifications can be customized so that you only receive the ones that truly matter to you. For example, you can be notified whenever someone approaches your front door. You can even use your phone to monitor connected video cameras so that you can see if it was a delivery person, salesperson, criminal, or someone else who approached your door. This will allow you to react appropriately. The ability to customize notifications to your needs and your lifestyle is a powerful tool You may want to get a notification when your child gets home from school and deactivates the alarm. You might wish to receive a one when the temperature drops and puts your pipes in jeopardy. You can even get a notification when your gardener arrives to water your plants.

Smart Home Monitoring Improves Life

There are several other benefits to smart homes and smart home monitoring. On top of actionable notifications, your smart home makes it possible to control the lighting in your home, lock and unlock the doors, adjust your thermostat, open your garage, and do so much more. You can have smart fluid detectors installed that will not only alert you that your water heater is leaking, but also allow you to take steps to rectify the situation. Plus, smart home wiring allows for added convenience, such as controlling your DVD player, cable received or satellite from any TV in the house. Trust SafeTech for advice and expertise on smart home monitoring. Our dedicated loss prevention team is standing by to help you add incredible convenience and security to your property. Please contact us today for more information.