Smartphone Security: Watch Your Security Cameras from Anywhere

Smart phones have revolutionized the way we communicate and do business. Through the development of mobile applications designed to do everything from receive e-mails to track global positioning, our cellular phones have evolved to essentially become mobile computers. The wide success of smart phones has fuelled the emergence of an entire industry built around designing these innovative and advanced applications. Smartphone security is important. The security industry has consistently stayed ahead of technological trends and smart phone technology is no exception. Various security companies have developed smart phone applications that sync up with internet-enabled security cameras, thus enabling you to view your home or office cameras anywhere you go through your phone.

No matter what make or model smart phone you use chances are there is security camera mobile application for it. Honeywell recently launched an application for Blackberry users called “Total Connect”. This application, allows Blackberry users the ability to control their Honeywell security systems and view live, streaming video from any remote location. The convenience of interacting with your security cameras remotely using your phone is made available to users through a simple download off the Total Connect website.

For those who prefer the iphone there are also a number of mobile applications available to sync up your security camera with your phone. The most impressive of these applications is iRa Pro, which Apple claims “delivers a video command center to the palm of your hand”. Among iRa Pro’s many features are the ability to watch up to 6 live streaming camera feeds at once in addition to full screen viewing and the ability to pan, tilt or zoom your security camera by simply dragging or tapping your finger on the iphone’s touch pad. Much like the Blackberry mobile applications iRa Pro is easily downloadable from the itunes website and can be up and running on your iphone in minutes. If you are an ipad user Apple has available uNetCams as an application that syncs up with your video surveillance equipment. uNetcams offers the same features as iRa Pro for the much bigger ipad system.

smartphone security smartphone security If you are a user of Android smart phones you too can enjoy the convenience of syncing your security camera to your phone by downloading, IP Camera Viewer. This Android developed application allows users the ability to view multiple IP security cameras with ease from the palm of their hand. Through a simple download you can engage in a one time setup and begin watching live stream of your security cameras in no time.

smartphone security The technology that smart phones and mobile application designers are developing is truly revolutionary. Today no matter what your preference of smart phone is you have the ability to view your security cameras from anywhere. This smartphone security system adds a great deal of usability to your home security system or office security system.