security research Security research conducted in Gainesville, Florida shows that most residential burglars gain entrance to homes by the front door. This security research contrasts with the popular image of criminals lurking in the shadows and sneaking through a side window under the cover of night.

31.97 percent of residential burglars entered homes via a single swing door. Many people consider their doors to be the most secure part of their homes, but this security research study shows that to be false. If a criminal wants to enter your home, chances are that he or she will do so in the same way you do: through the front door.

When securing your front door a good place to start is my installing a high quality dead bolt. Dead bolt locks are much harder to break or pick than other types of door locks. It’s also important to consider the strength and frame of the door. A strong lock will not protect you if the door frame can be easily pried open or ripped off or the door itself can be kicked in.

However, don’t stop at your door. It is important to ensure your security system properly covers all possible weaknesses in your property. The Florida study states that the second most frequent entry point is through sliding windows. 23.03 percent of all burglaries began this way.

Security Research can Help Secure Properties

According to the security research cited above, double hung windows accounted for 8.06 percent of break ins and sliding glass doors (the types usually found at the back of homes) were the target in 6.26 percent of burglaries.

Security bars are an excellent way to prevent unwanted access through windows. They can be provide physical barriers to entry and can be installed on the inside or the outside of the window. A number of styles are available.

The variety of different entry points underscores an important point: your home must be secured with several types of security devices and you cannot take the risk of only protecting one or two areas. Keep this security research in mind always. Taking a comprehensive security approach and applying several different types of security in each area of your home will greatly decrease the chance of a break in.