commercial security tips holidayWe are about to enter the busiest shopping period of the entire year, which makes it a great time to discuss commercial security tips. For the next month retail stores are going to see a tremendous influx in the amount of traffic they receive as customers commence their holiday shopping. While the increase in customers is fantastic it can be a little overwhelming to stores that are unprepared. An increase in traffic can be a drain on your staff and resources and could potentially leave you more vulnerable to shop lifting and inventory loss. Here are a few tips to protect your business from the unfortunate side effects of the holiday shopping rush.

The first thing you can do to protect your business and inventory is install a security camera. This might be one of the most important commercial security tips. As discussed on this blog last week security cameras are a great deterrent to potential theft as the threat of being videotaped makes criminals think twice. Placing a camera in a high traffic area where it can be clearly seen alerts potential shoplifters that they are being recorded. Camera’s can also be placed in store rooms to ensure your employees are not engaging in shoplifting. This is an important step during the holiday rush as many stores take on additional staff that they are unfamiliar with. A security camera will keep everyone honest. Keep this information and other commercial security tips in mind.

Another step you can take to protect your retail store safe during the holiday shopping rush is hiring a security guard. Security guards are another of the very important commercial security tips you will want to follow. They are the best deterrent toward shoplifting. To criminals a security guard represents a very real chance of being apprehended while engaging in criminal activity. A uniformed security guard strategically placed at the entrance to a commercial retail store can significantly cut down on the loss of inventory. In addition a retail store can opt to hire a plain clothed security guard to pose as a shopper and get a closer look at potential shoplifters. Plain clothed guards experience tremendous success rates when hired for the holiday season. The larger the retail space the more security guards you will need for the holiday rush. If you already employ a security guard it may be a good idea to hire a second for this incredibly busy month. Following these commercial security tips can help protect your business.

Commercial Security Tips

If you are interested in installing security cameras, surveillance equipment or security guards to protect your store this holiday season contact us today. We can also provide you with additional tips on keeping your inventory safe this month.

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