power outage safetyMost power outages last only a few moments, but in some cases you can be hit with a longer disruption. Not only can this be a nuisance, but it can also be quite dangerous if you are not prepared. This is why it is important to review power outage safety tips in case you end up in a dangerous situation. There are a few things you can do to keep yourself, your home and your family safe during a blackout.

Power Outage Safety Tips

Here is some crucial information that will help you stay safe during a power outage. Remember to review these power outage safety tips now, before anything happens, as you likely won’t be able to refer to them when you’re in the dark.

When the power first goes out, be sure to check and make sure that it’s not limited to you home. If those around you have electricity, check your fuse box or call your power company.

You should also consider turning your appliances, electronics and any other devices that are plugged in. Unplug your computers and other sensitive equipment to protect yourself from potentially damaging power surges. Leave your refrigerator and freezer plugged in.

Use battery operated flashlights instead of candles. This is a very important power outage safety tip. Candles can be quite dangerous and could cause a fire in your home. Do not attempt to light or heat your home with a gas stove, barbecue or any other dangerous device. Not only could you cause a fire, but you also risk carbon monoxide poisoning.

Home and personal security are also important. You will need to know if your alarm system and fire alarm will still function without power. If not, you will have to be prepared and not leave your home alone. Remembering these power outage safety tips could make a huge difference if a severe blackout happens.