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Business Security Benefits for Many Businesses

Business Security & Commercial Security Systems

business securityReduce Theft by More Than 50% And Get Your Savings To Pay For It!

Since 1990, SafeTech Alarm Systems has helped businesses save $10,000,000 in inventory theft and shrinkage. We understand business security. Usually only a small investment is required to safeguard a companies assets and that investment can be paid back in less then one year.

Following, year after year, that same investment will keep adding profit to the bottom line.
We know how important business security is to you and we work with you to install a business security system that meets your unique needs.

Reliable & Effective Business Security

Protect your business with reliable high-quality commercial alarm systems and business security tools. Reduce theft with article surveillance systems, which are a huge part of business security systems. Monitor your staff and employees accurately and efficiently with high-techaccess control systems. But that’s not all. Install digital video surveillance systems and security cameras to deter criminal activity and improve business security for everyone.

Having SafeTech install and monitor a security system for your business not only protects your employees, customers and inventory it provides peace of mind. Our goal at SafeTech is to maintain your feeling of security through state of the art products and services.

About our Business Security Systems

EVO 192-Zone Control PanelK641 Blue LCD Keypad Module
  • 8 on-board zones
  • Built-in access control features
  • Supports PCS Series, IP and Voice Module
  • Firmware upgrade via 307USB and WinLoad
  • Compatible with NEware V4.0 or higher
  • Automatic Daylight Savings Time feature
  • PGM1 can be used as a 2-wire smoke input
  • Program remote controls using the master or installer codes
  • Built-in real-time clock backup battery
  • 1.7A switching power supply
  • 1 supervised bell output, auxiliary output and telephone line
  • Patented 2 opto coupler dialer circuit
  • Push button software reset
  • Push button to activate or deactivate the Auxiliary output
  • Zone alarm display
  • In-field firmware upgradeable via a CONV4USB and WinLoad
  • Simplified end-user remote control programming
  • Supports DGP-848, EVO96, EVO48 and EVO192
  • 32-character blue LCD with programmable labels
  • 1 addressable zone and 1 PGM output
  • Independently set chime zones
  • 14 one-touch action buttons
  • 3 keypad-activated panic alarms
  • Adjustable backlight, contrast and scroll speed
  • Display time using the 12Hr or 24Hr format

Trust SafeTech for business security.

business security