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Commercial Alarm Activation

Commercial Alarm Activation

Save money and protect your business property and assets with commercial alarm activation services from SafeTech Alarm Systems. Reduce Property Loss by Monitoring Your Existing Commercial Alarm System Get Extra Savings From Your Insurance Company! SafeTech Alarm Systems offers commercial alarm activation services. We can usually re-activate the existing alarm system located in your business or commercial property. In the 20+ years that we have been in business, SafeTech has taken over or re-activated thousands of existing security alarm systems and a wide assortment of makes and models. Commercial alarm activation is a cost-effective, secure way to keep your property safe. Before attempting commercial alarm activation, the first thing one of our loss prevention specialists do is determine if the existing devices and current level of protection is adequate for your business. Good protection can only be achieved by good coverage of all devices in vulnerable areas. The next step in the commercial alarm activation process is a diagnostic check to determine if existing devices are in working condition and finally we need to verify the make and model of the control panel / keypad and determine if the system can be re-programmed. Often we will simply change the board if it can not be re-programmed or if the system is obsolete.

Alarm Activation from SafeTech

We have more than 20 years of experience at security and alarm activation. Trust our loss prevention experts to perform skilled, affordable commercial alarm activation at your property. To speak with one of our loss prevention officers about our commercial alarm activation services, please contact us today. We will be more than happy to speak with you.

Alarm Activation: Identify your keypad

Use the following images to find the keypad you are currently using to help us identify the alarm activation. Just let us know which number corresponds to your systems keypad controller and we take care of the rest. *If your keypad is not shown here or for more information on commercial alarm activation, please call us – (888) 939-3733
commercial alarm activation#1alarm system#2
DSC pwr 832/632 Fixed Icon
DSC PC1550
alarm system#3alarm system#4
DSC PC2550
DSC PC3000
alarm system#5alarm system#6
DSC 1616, 1832
Power Series 9045/9047
lat#7alarm system#8
Envoy NT9005
Paradox Esprit
alarm system#9alarm system#10
Paradox Spectra 1728, 1738
Paradox Spectra 1686
alarm system#11alarm system#12
Paradox Digiplex Lcd
Paradox EVO – 48-192
alarm system#13alarm system#14
Ademco, Vista 10, Vista 4110
Ademco, Vista 15, Vista 30
alarm system#15alarm system#16
Ademco Vista 20
Ademco – Lynx
alarm system#17alarm system#18
GE Simon 3 Wireless Security System
GE Allegro
alarm system#19alarm system#20
GE SimonXT
Alexor PC9155
alarm system#21alarm system#22
alarm system#23alarm system#24
C & K
alarm system#25alarm activation system#26
PC 4020 v3.0
Bosch Visionics