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Commercial Security Guards

Security Guards for Your Business

commercial security guardsTrust the experienced and dedicated team at SafeTech Security. Our trained security guards work to protect your business.There is simply no comparison to commercial security guards. The physical presence of a member of our Toronto security guard team not only prevents crime, but deters criminals. SafeTech security guards are versatile and effective. No matter what type of business you operate, we can provide the protection you need.SafeTech’s commercial security guards are able to quickly and effectively respond to changing situations and react appropriately to a variety of complex scenarios. Trust SafeTech to keep your business safe.

Industrial Security

Industrial sites are common targets for criminals. This is because many of these sites are not effectively protected by commercial security guards. Construction sites and other industrial sites also often contain valuables that are wanted by thieves.Keep your industrial site safe with a trained security team from SafeTech. Our static guards can patrol the area, maintain a log of visitors, monitor your surveillance cameras, and conduct investigations as appropriate. Plus, we also offer security guard patrol teams that monitor changing situations and react as necessary.

Mall Security Guards

Shopping malls are also frequent targets for criminals. Trust the experience and dedication of SafeTech to keep your shopping center or retail store secure. Mall security guards aren’t just crime deterrents, but they can also keep an eye on patrons, respond to store alarms, and investigate crimes and potentially dangerous situations.

Emergency Response Security Guards

Our commercial security guards can respond to crimes, fires, medical emergencies, and other potentially dangerous situations at your business. Guards can quickly be on the scene, investigate the situation, provide assistance, and contact the police or fire department as needed. Plus, they can provide vital support to the authorities when they arrive.

Mobile Patrol Security Guards

Our mobile commercial security guards patrol the area in visible, clearly-marked cars. This isn’t just effective at deterring crime, but it also allows them to investigate a variety of situations. Our mobile patrol units don’t just respond to crime at your business, but they can also investigate potentially suspicious or dangerous situations as they arise. For example, if a guard notices that a window has been left open at your business or if a door looks to have been tampered with, they can quickly react.Mobile patrol guards perform drive-by inspections at irregular schedules to keep criminals guessing.

Static Business Security Guards

Static commercial security guards can be stationed just about anywhere in or around your business. This allows them to maintain a high level of security in a specific area or guard a certain item. Their constant presence keeps criminals away from your business. They can also assume responsibility for building keys, controlling access to your business.Static security guards are incredibly effective at retail stores, office complexes, shopping malls, parking lots, and many other commercial settings. They can work alongside our mobile security teams to successfully keep your business safe.

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