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Alarm Systems for Home Builders

Alarm Systems Home BuildersSafeTech Alarm Systems specializes in the installation of security devices and network and smart wiring for homes and offices.

Studies show that home automation is at the top of the list of features new home buyers are most interested in!

By partnering with SafeTech, new home builders have access to state of the art automation products and services that will strengthen their product offering.

Working Together With Home Builders!

Home Alarm SystemsOver the last 20 years SafeTech Alarm System has installed more than 10,000 fully monitored security systems, in Canada and the United States. We have been able to develop a strong market presence as a security solutions provider along with name brand recognition. One of our popular selling packages, to qualified applicants, is the installation of a free burglar alarm with a commitment of three or more years of monitoring.

The free alarm package has been eagerly adopted by a number of successful builders in Toronto who believe it to be a good value added incentive. Safetech has established an affinity program with a number of local Toronto Builders i.e. Madison Homes, Jourdan Homes, Delpark Homes and Beavercreek Developments to name a few. You may benefit as well, by being able to offer all of your clients a state of the art burglar system at no cost while eliminating the expense of having an electrician do the rough-in.

Our reputation for delivering competent and reliable security service allowed us to easily expand into providing integrated technology services. We now carry home automation systems such as GE SmartHome and DSC Concourse Panels.

DSC Concourse Panel is an advanced and flexible network connection center that enables the networking of Computers, Phones, VCRs/DVDs, Satellite and other electronic devices.

SafeTech is currently making presentations to property management firms, builders and developers to further enhance their affinity program.

Currently, SafeTech is working with the following builders

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