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Why Leave Your Premises Defenceless over the Holiday Season?

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/189969#ixzz1DI0Q3uV2 TORONTO, Dec. 23 /CNW/ – If you are traveling during the Holidays, your home or business may be susceptible to break-ins and theft. SafeTech has a few tips to help you protect your premises while you are away.

Detection with Video Verification

latA simple security system consisting of door and window contacts and a motion detector¬† can be controlled easily by a touch screen keypad or wireless key remote and will deter a break-in and protect all your premise. Just make sure you display the “warning” decals! Furthermore, your alarm system can be monitored by a 24 hour central monitoring station. The monitoring station is alerted if your alarm is triggered and they will notify you and dispatch the authorities. Alarm systems protect your premises from more than just break-ins they can also detect trouble conditions such as smoke and fire, low temperature, flood or fluid detection, poisonous gas and power failures. The technology in alarm systems is so advanced that you can receive e-mail activity reports directly to your blackberry, iphone, ipad or laptop. You could also sync one or more security cameras with your alarm system and view the feed directly from your PDA following an alarm. With the advances in technology you can watch over your premises no matter where you are in the world.


Another excellent tip to keep your premises safe and secure is to set your lights to timers. Light timers can be picked up at any hardware store and can easily be plugged in with your lights. Timers allow you to control when your lights go on and off while you are away. Some more advanced systems can even be controlled remotely from your smart phone and integrated with your alarm. Regardless of the system you purchase it is important to not just set the internal lights to timers but also any exterior lights. Exterior lights prevent intruders from getting close enough to your residence to determine if anyone is home. Another great way to keep your premises protected is to install perimeter motion flood lights. These bright lights turn on when movement is detected outside and the surprise illumination will draw attention to the area and is disturbing to any would-be thief!

Mobile Security Guard Patrols

Another way to secure your premises while you are away is to hire mobile security guards to patrol your property every night. If you are going away you can contact a security company and hire a guard to stop by and do an exterior inspection of your premises every night, they can even remove and accumulation of papers and mail at the front door. SafeTech provides both mobile nightly patrols and emergency guard response to watch over properties 24 hours a day. SafeTech has been offering security services throughout Canada for over 20 years. SafeTech specializes in security alarm systems, video surveillance, security guards, access control and security monitoring services. “You can cut theft by 50% simply by adding intrusion detection equipment”, says SafeTech President, Sean O’Leary, “at SafeTech we have the lowest rate of loss in the industry”. Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/189969#ixzz1DI0Q3uV2