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Lethbridge Alarm Systems

Lethbridge Alarm Systems, Security Systems, Surveillance Cameras and More!lethbridge alarm systems

SafeTech Alarm Systems has provided alarm systems, security cameras, security systems for over 20 years. We understand Lethbridge alarm systems and security technology. You can trust our experience and knowledge and know that you’re working with a Lethbridge alarm systems provider that understands your unique needs.

SafeTech’s loss prevention experts have the skills and experience required to protect and secure people and property in Lethbridge and across Canada.

We combine home and business security technologies such as surveillance cameras, alarm systems, motion detectors and more to provide our Lethbridge clients with the highest security standard possible and the lowest “rate of loss”.

Lethbridge Regional Police Service 135 1 Avenue South Lethbridge, Alberta T1J 0A1 Phone: (403) 327-2210

EMERGENCY: DIAL 9-1-1 Lethbridge Regional Police Service Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services Department

SafeTech loss prevention experts know Lethbridge alarm systems. We can help you with business alarm systems, home security, surveillance cameras, motion detectors or any other Lethbridge security services. Our experienced Lethbridge security system team may recommend combining two or more surveillance tools to detect and deter crime:

Additionally, the installation of a physical security solution may be recommended in order to prevent future loss.

At SafeTech, we work to achieve the best results in home and business security. Our alarm system and security team believes in a comprehensive, integrated approach to home security and business security.

Why? Statistics have shown that the chances of a “break and enter” are reduced 10x in homes with an alarm system compared to homes that have no alarm system or security tools. However, if you combine one or more security or surveillance tools together – such as a home alarm system along with video security cameras – the chance of a ‘break and enter’ is 40x less likely than on an unprotected property with no alarm or cameras.

Lethbridge customers trust SafeTech Alarm Systems because we understand how combining two types of security tools does more to protect your home or business.

In properties that have two forms of security or more and are still broken into, the amount of property stolen is 50% less than it would be if the location had only an alarm system.

Compare this to a property that has no alarm system or video surveillance cameras and you will see an 80% reduction in loss of property value. Security surveillance tools work even better when used in tandem to prevent property loss and are a very effective way of deterring and reducing crime. SafeTech uses this knowledge to protect our clients in Lethbridge and throughout Ontario and Canada.

SafeTech Knows Lethbridge Alarm Systems

SafeTech Alarm Systems works to provide the best Lethbridge security services, alarm systems and video cameras. If you’re looking for Lethbridge alarm systems, surveillance cameras, security guards and other loss prevention tools, you’ve come to the right place. Our loss prevention specialists begin by having a detailed discussion with you to determine your security needs and specific situation. Once an advisor completely understands your needs, a complete security solution will be recommended. There is absolutely ‘no obligation’ to follow any recommendation given and there is no charge for our security systems consultation. We strive to meet every client’s specific needs regarding security systems and alarm systems. Trust SafeTech for Lethbridge alarm systems and security technology.

Contact SafeTech now @ (888) 939-3733 CAN/USA to discuss your particular application and the enormous benefits of Lethbridge alarm systems and security tools. Good protection may start with good design but it can only be maintained with good monitoring and management procedures.