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Sudbury Alarm Systems

Sudbury Alarm Systems, Surveillance Cameras, Security Systems: Installation and Monitoring

For more than 20 years we have been custom designing burglar alarms and security installations in the Sudbury area. SafeTech understand Sudbury alarm systems and security. We have the experience and ability to successfully protect both people and property. If  you’re looking forSudbury alarm systems, you’ve come to the right place.

Our comprehensive security approach keeps you safer and more secure than ever before. SafeTech offers Subdury alarm systems, security cameras, physical protection and security guards to ensure that your home or business is protected at all times. Our monitoring services provide superior 24/7 protection.

SafeTech Alarm Systems specializes in combining security technologies to provide you with the highest security standard possible with the lowest “rate of loss.” We are the right choice for Sudbury alarm systems and security.

Greater Sudbury Police Service Mailing Address:

190 Brady Street Sudbury, Ontario, P3E 1C7

Phone: (705) 675-9171


Greater Sudbury Crime Statistics per 100,000 (Source: Statscan 2004) Homicide: 0.0 Robbery: 41 Break-ins: 851 Motor Vehicle Theft: 489 Total: 6,188

Sudbury Security Services: Greater Sudbury Police Service Greater Sudbury Fire Services The City of Sudbury – Emergency Preparedness

All of our Sudbury alarm systems and security tools come with computer software that can be managed by us or the end user, and can be monitored by our central station – 24/7.

SafeTech Alarm Systems loss prevention experts may recommend combining two or more security tools together. Additionally, the installation of a physical security solution may be recommended in order to prevent loss, theft or damage.

Only by taking a comprehensive integrated security approach to the needs of our clients can the best results be achieved. Therefore, security surveillance tools work even better when used in tandem to prevent property loss and are a very effective way of deterring and reducing crime.

Trust Us for Sudbury Alarm Systems & More

SafeTech specializes in alarm systems, surveillance cameras and security systems. Sudbury is the largest city in Ontario by land area and SafeTech works with Greater Subury clients to deliver the best home and business security options available. We are the Sudbury alarm systems specialists. SafeTech Alarm Systems works with clients in Greater Sudbury to alarm systems, security services, surveillance cameras, motion detectors and more.
SafeTech understands the critical importance of security and know what it takes to keep you, your family and your property safe. We work with clients in Sudbury to prevent theft and property damage. if  you’re looking for Sudbury alarm systems or security, please contact us today. Our loss prevention team will be happy to have a detailed discussion with you to determine your specific application and security needs. Once our advisor has an understanding of your specific needs, a security solution will be recommended. There is absolutely ‘no obligation’ to follow any recommendation given and there is no charge for our security evaluation.

If you’re looking for Greater Sudbury alarm systems and security services, you can trust SafeTech.

Call an adviser now @ (888) 939-3733 CAN/USA to discuss your particular application and the enormous benefits of a security system.