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Contact SafeTech for Alarm Systems

At SafeTech Alarm Systems we understand the importance of successfully combining and utilizing various types of security technology.

Our dedicated team of loss prevention professionals doesn’t just understand security alarms, we are also knowledgeable in effectively utilizing security cameras, security guards, bars and gates, alarm system monitoring and various other types of security technology.

When you contact a member of our experienced security team, you can discuss how these tools can be used to improve security at your property.

Alarm Systems from SafeTech

For more than 20 years, SafeTech has been providing alarm systems, security guards, security cameras and a wide variety of loss prevention & protection services in Toronto and around the world.

You can trust our dedicated team to keep your home, business or event safe. Contact our loss prevention team today.

Security Cameras Reduce Crime

We understand the importance of security cameras and video surveillance equipment. Criminals do not want to be forced to pay for their crimes and they understand that being filmed by security cameras greatly increases the chance of them being caught in the act.

For this reason, many criminals avoid homes or business that have security cameras installed. SafeTech Alarm Systems can work with you to set up video surveillance technology on your property to reduce the chance of break-ins, robberies, assaults, vandalism and other crimes. Visit our security cameras page for more information.

Security Guards for Superior Protection

Nothing compares to on-site security guards. Whether you are looking for uniformed security guards or plain clothes officers, SafeTech has you covered.

We offer security guards for a number of different situations including business security, home security, mobile security guards, special event security guards and more in Toronto. Find out our at our security guards page or contact SafeTech Alarm Systems today.

SafeTech Alarm Systems values your privacy. We promise that we will never share, sell or otherwise distribute your email address, phone number, or any other personal information to any outside parties or vendors. We will only use your information to contact you about SafeTech products and services and to provide you with information that you have requested. For more information, please view the SafeTech Alarm Systems privacy policy. Trust SafeTech Alarm Systems, Security Cameras & Security Guards to provide protection and safety.