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event security guards Toronto

Do you need event security guards in Toronto? Safe Tech offers the most efficient and professional security guards for corporate events, weddings, dances, sports events, fundraisers, etc. We have trained security personnel for all types of events, from mobile patrol and concierge security to bodyguard.

How many security guards do I need for an event?

If your event takes place outdoors with multiple access points, you should expect a large crowd, for which you will need the assistance of security guards to maintain order and prevent chaos. As a rule of thumb, you should hire one guard for every 100 people you expect/invite to your event.

For instance, if you expect 1000 attendees, you must hire a minimum of ten security guards to provide protection and aid in case of necessity. Security guards can maintain order throughout your event, manage/suppress any disturbances, and escort your VIP attendees in and out of the venue. We provide highly trained, skilled, and experienced event security guards in Toronto to reduce your burden of organizing and managing your social gathering.

Why hire security guards for your event

If you expect a large crowd at your event, it may be ideal to have a skilled team of security guards patrols your occasion. They can prevent gate-crashers and protect your event from uninvited guests, ensuring order, and preventing unnecessary chaos.

Besides, guards can monitor the crowd and prevent the attendees from disrupting your event with unruly behavior (especially if your event involves alcohol serving). Lastly, hiring security guards can keep your high profilers safe and help weed out Paparazzi.

Duties of our event security guards

Security guards play a critical role in ensuring the smooth flow of your social or family event. Our team of security guards possess several years of experience in handling and managing events and excel at the following services:

  1. Monitor the event and maintain order – Our event security guards monitor the people at a social gathering and ensure no one is breaking the rules or causing unnecessary commotions. Our event guards also direct foot traffic, help lost people find their way in and out of the venue, and assist the attendees in evacuating the venue quickly in case of an emergency.
  2. Escort attendees – Our guards play an integral role in escorting high profile guests and attendees to and from the venue. They also ensure order by monitoring surveillance cameras from a secure room. In events that serve alcohol, our guards make sure nothing gets out of control and escort attendees out of the venue if they exhibit unruly behavior.
  3. Make regular reports and suppress any disturbances – Our trained security personnel watch for any suspicious activity and report it to the direct supervisors through two-way radios and direct communication. If there are fights or chaos during the event between attendees, we suppress the commotion and hold the suspect(s) until the police arrive.

Call 1-416-229-9902 or 1-888-939-3733 to speak to one of us at Safe Tech. We are one of the top firms to provide trained event security guards in Toronto at budget-friendly prices. Our guards can save you from anxiety and stress by offering protection and safety, patrolling the venue, and ensuring order throughout the event.

event security guards Toronto
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