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Referral Program from SafeTech Alarm Systems

Referral Program from SafeTech Alarm Systems

Referral ProgramJoin the SafeTech Alarm Systems Referral Program! We know most of our business comes from our customers talking about our company. We also know that the most successful form of advertising comes via word of mouth. That is why we always do our best to provide excellent service and to ensure that our clients are satisfied!

We want to thank you for helping others enjoy the benefits of our service and this is where our Referral Program comes into play! We’d love to thank you for spreading the word about SafeTech Alarm Systems and thus we have created a referral program that rewards people for referring new customers to our company.

Referral Program: How It Works

How does the SafeTech Referral Program work? It’s simple! The next time you help us find a customer, let us show you our appreciation by giving you a Referral Incentive! A Referral Incentive is a payment to an individual or charity that comes when your recommendation leads to the installation and monitoring of a new or existing alarm system by SafeTech Alarm Systems. It’s that simple!

Our Referral Program is easy and it’s our way of saying thanks!!

As an independent company, a significant amount of our new business comes by way of referral and we always appreciate anyone who recommends a customer to SafeTech.

The Information Needed for the SafeTech Referral Program

Whether you are or are not a SafeTech Alarms customer, if you know of someone who is interested in purchasing an alarm system, or having their existing system monitored, please call or e-mail us the following information:

Your name and phone number, and the name, address and phone number of the people we should contact.

Safetech Referral

SafeTech Alarm Systems has been installing alarm systems and other security technology for more than 20 years. We’ve gained many clients through our referral program and we’re more than happy to reward those clients who help spread the word. Trust SafeTech to protect your home or business and trust the SafeTech Referral Program to reward you for sharing your SafeTech experiences. We’d be more than happy to welcome and reward more people for participating in the SafeTech Referral Program.

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