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Alarm Monitoring – Residential

Alarm Monitoring Services for Residential Homes

Trust home alarm monitoring services to keep your residential property safe. SafeTech Alarm Systems’ monitoring clients are protected by our 24 hour monitoring partner. Our monitoring partner has 7 central stations through-out Canada and the United States. This lets SafeTech protect and monitor any premises located in North American. Providing alarm monitoring service for nearly 25 years, our central station is a fully redundant, state of the art, U.L.C listed central monitoring station.

Home Alarm Monitoring Toronto

ulcThe main central alarm monitoring station is located in Greater Toronto Area, in the heart of Canada’s most populated region. Our other central stations are located in some of North Americas most populated regions: Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Arizona, Texas and Florida.

Alarm Monitoring Speciality Services Toronto

Trust SafeTech monitoring to keep you, your property and your loved ones safe and secure no matter where you are. Are experience, skill and dedication to safety and security make us the premiere home alarm monitoring company in North America.
We offer the following alarm monitoring services: Radio transmitters 24 hour back-up attached to any alarm control panel in case telephone line is cut.GSM transmitter 24 hour monitoring of wireless back-up device.Sprinkler System 24 hour detection of water presence (gate, pressure and flow valves).Fire Panel Connected to Alarm control panel.DVAC Line 24 hour monitoring of phone line cut/trouble.

Alarm Monitoring Benefits

alarm monitoringThere are a number of crucial benefits to monitoring service. When you have a central station watching over your home at all times, no crime, accident or other disaster can take place without the station knowing about it. The central station can then contact the appropriate authorities immediately and send help. This type of superior protection is not offered with other security services.And we don’t just monitor alarm systems either. SafeTech and our alarm monitoring central station can watch over a number of different types of security technology.

The following is a list of the type of devices we monitor:
  • medical alert for the elderly
  • carbon monoxide detectors
  • Material/Gas detectors
  • smoke detectors
  • Sump pump devices
  • panic buttons
  • low temperature sensors
  • high temperature sensors
  • deep freeze monitors
  • window door sensors
  • wireless key remotes
  • water detection devices
  • passive infrared motion detectors
  • glass break detectors
Want something monitored that is not on the list? Please inquire. Home monitoring experts will help you.