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Emergency Response

Emergency Response Services

SafeTech Alarm Systems offers emergency response services in order to provide our clients with superior protection.In the case of a fire alarm, the fire department is notified. Should a break-in be detected, you may have either your local police department respond or a private guard company respond. These are emergency response services. Depending in what region you live in, police often have a registration fee and a false alarm charge. Therefore, you may contact your local police,or SafeTech Alarms for the rates in your area.

The Way to Have the Emergency Response Services

emergency responseFor a low monthly fee, you may choose to be registered with a private guard service rather than using the police for emergency response. In busy metropolitan areas, like Toronto, this may be a good choice. Most private guard service companies offer four free alarm dispatches per year where as the Toronto Police charge $80.00 per false alarm dispatch. In the case of Security Guards, all security officers are properly trained and fully equipped to handle any situation and knowledgeable at response techniques.Once the police or guards arrive, they will conduct a perimeter check of your premises, looking for any visible signs of forced entry. If a break-in has occurred, the police or guards will notify the station, who will report their findings to you.

Emergency Response and Private Security Guards:

SafeTech Alarm Systems’ private guard division can have an on-site security guard posted at your home, place of business or special event. This is perfect for emergency response services, for protecting your property from theives or other criminals or for maintaining order.Our paid duty officers have been used in a variety of ways to ensure the security of our clients and their property. Some examples include:
  • Securing family and guests at weddings.
  • Securing crowd control at concerts.
  • Keeping the peace on a picket line.
  • Watching over a construction project.
  • Securing entire buildings and parking lots and even chaperoning individuals to and from a special event.
  • Emergency response services

For more information on security guards and emergency response teams, please contact us today.
There is no better substitute for the physical presence of a security guard.