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Fire Alarms – Residential – Smoke detector

Prevent a Catastrophic Fire With The Right Kind of Heat and Fire Alarms

fire alarmsIntegrating fire protection and burglary protection has never been easier. Fire alarms save lives. Having a monitored smoke detector at your premises ensures that the fire department will be contacted if you have a fire emergency. A good photoelectric smoke detectors and fire alarms system in Toronto will detect smoke particles caused even by a slow smoldering fire. Trust fire alarms to keep you safe. If you are not at home and your fire alarms and smoke dectors are not monitored, odds are no one will hear your smoke alarm or fire alarms if a fire breaks out. Monitored fire alarms protect your home 24/7, no matter what. It is incredibly important that someone monitors your smoke, carbon monoxide and fire alarms 24 hours a day. Insurance companies also recognize the benefits of adding monitored smoke detectors or fire alarms Toronto to your property and typically offer a greater discount off of your premiums. You can add monitored smoke detectors or monitored fire alarms to your alarm at no additional cost to your monthly monitoring service. Protect your home, your family and your loved ones with monitored fire alarms. With this fire alarms service, your smoke detector is continuously monitored through a 24 hour zone, even when your alarm system is not armed!

Fire Alarms, Monitored Smoke Detectors and CO Detectors

Would you like to add a smoke detector, fire alarms, or flood sensor to your existing alarm system and pay nothing for either the device or the labour to install it? You only pay a nominal $5.00 more per month to have these additional hazards monitored. Often you will receive a greater discount off your insurance which will cover the additional cost. smoke detector

Carbon monoxide detectors

Colorless, tasteless, odorless but deadly, carbon monoxide (CO) is impossible to detect without a warning device. The WS4913 Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector from DSC is the perfect complement to DSC’s full security line-up. The WS4913 provides front-line protection against the silent threat of carbon monoxide poisoning. Slim-line design Built-in 85dB alarm at 10 ft (3 m) Malfunction supervision Low sensitivity supervision Electrochemical sensing technology Transmits RF status, low battery and tamper condition Hush feature Wall tamper Onboard LEDs indicate: * Red – Alarm * Yellow – Trouble * Green – Power 3-5 year battery life End-of-Life (EOL) indicator (5 year) Low battery supervisiona
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Wired Smoke Detector

Automatic drift compensation Built-in, dual-sensor heat detector (option) Built-in 85 dB horn (option) Easy-maintenance removable smoke chamber Interconnectable using PRM-2W/4W polarity reversal modules Non-contact sensitivity reading with handheld test meter (FSD-100) Low profile design Local test button UL/ULC/CSFM/MEA/EN listed for commercial and residential applicationsFSA-210 Model Description FSA-210(x)* 2-wire photoelectric smoke detector FSA-210(x)T* 2-wire photoelectric smoke detector w/ heat detector FSA-210(x)ST* 2-wire photoelectric smoke detector w/ integral sounder heat detector FSA-210(x)RT* 2-wire photoelectric smoke detector w/ aux. relay heat detector FSA-410 Model Description FSA-410(x)* 4-wire photoelectric smoke detector FSA-410(x)T* 4-wire photoelectric smoke detector w/ heat detector FSA-410(x)RT* 4-wire photoelectric smoke detector w/ aux. relay heat detector FSA-410(x)S* 4-wire photoelectric smoke detector w/ integral sounder FSA-410(x)ST* 4-wire photoelectric smoke detector w/ integral sounder heat detector FSA-410(x)RST* 4-wire photoelectric smoke detector w/ integral sounder, aux. relay heat detect or *Legend (x) = ‘A’ Canadian model number | (x) = ‘B’ U.S. model number
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Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detector Toronto

– Low profile design – Automatic drift compensation – High/Low sensitivity reporting – Bulit-in, dual-sensor heat detector – 135 °F (57 °C)

DSC Wireless Smoke Detector

This is an advanced smoke detector in Toronto. This device will quickly indicate a fire condition to the security system, potentially saving life and property. Communication with the smoke detector is wireless and fully supervised. Additionally, this unit constantly checks itself for performance. In order to use this device, your security system must have 433MHz wireless support. (You must have a PC5132-433 wireless expansion kit or a LCD5501Z32-433 keypad).
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Model ECS-100 – Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

Classic Metal Surface Cabinets are constructed of 18 ga. (1.19mm) baked white enamel steel. Designed for theft and vandalism protection in parking areas, schools, and mechanical rooms to safely store fire extinguishers. All cabinets come complete with cylinder lock keyed alike, plexiglass panel that can be removed for serving the fire extinguisher. Break glass hammer and break glass instruction decal also provided. Cabinets also available with a unique recessing frame for in wall mounting.
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Fire Extinguishers

Protect your home or business with a fire extinguisher from SafeTech Alarm Systems. We offer a variety of dry chemical, carbon dioxide, foam, clean agent, pressurized water and automatic fire extinguishers in several sizes.

Fire alarms Toronto- trust to keep you safe

fire alarms Fire alarms protect you from catastrophic damage to your property. A fire can spread incredibly quickly and go from small and manageable to out of control in just seconds. Trust monitored fire alarms to alert you to these dangerous conditions. SafeTech Alarm Systems has more than 20 years of experience in installing and monitoring carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors and fire alarms. Trust our knowledge and experience to keep you safe. Contact us today for more information about our fire alarms offer.