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Surveillance & Security Cameras

Security Cameras & Monitoring

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Smart Video Monitoring:

  • Push video technology
  • Real time SMS notfication to your mobile device
  • Integrated video analytics
  • Object tracking
security cameras monitoring

New Video Verification System

security cameras video
  • Integrates directly into our existing monitoring Alarm Verification Software
  • Works with any existing security infrastructure or use as stand-alone solution without a DVR
  • Operator has instant access to live and recorded video on an alarm event
  • Simplifies Guard Tours across multiple sites
  • Most cost effective Video Monitoring and Alarm Verification technology on the market today
  • Instantly adds value to your existing and new customer base
  • Secure offsite video storage at our state of the art data center
  • Supervised video  technology ensures constant video recording
  • At any time customers have access to their live and recorded video

Reduce theft by over 50% using security cameras

surveillance cameraThere is no greater deterrent than the threat of someone having their picture taken at the scene of a crime. Captured video surveillance from security cameras can match an individual to a place at a specific date and time.Recent statistics indicate that the amount of loss can be reduced by 50% with the proper installation of security cameras. In addition, surveillance cameras can be used to monitor the behavior of clients and employees, significatly increasing the productivity of the latter.

Keep your eyes on your business 24/7!

Explore our full line of systems and CALL a security specialist today at (416) 229-9902 in the Greater Toronto Area or toll free at 1-888-939-3733 outside Toronto.SafeTech Alarm Systems (Home Alarm Systems and Business Alarm Systems) carries a full line of digital video recorder systems and security cameras.Monitor your business or facilities cost effectively with DVR based surveillance systems and cameras designed for specific situations – wireless, indoor or outdoor, day or night (IR) and even vandal-proof.There are even security systems available that allow remote viewing of your facilities from anywhere with an Internet connection!Check out our product selection by clicking on the images below:
IP security camerasIR security camerasPTZ security cameras
DOME security camerasdvr recorderswireless-security-cameras
Did you know that you can reduce crime and theft by over 50% by using video surveillance cameras to secure your premises? State of the art colour security camera toronto can be used to cover point of sale cash transactions, stock room shelves, computer rooms and all entry and exit doors. Also, all the images can be saved to a digital video recorder with out the need to change tapes. Ask one of our security advisors how you can remotely record and view your cameras over the internet from anywhere in the world.

Different Surveillance Camera Types and Different Uses

Security camera is an excellent way to monitor your home or business, protect your property and prevent theft and damage. Every surveillance camera records what happens on your property, there are many different types of surveillance cameras and they can be used in a variety of different situations and settings.Below are details about the different kinds of security cameras as well as information on their uses and their advantages and disadvantages.

Wired Security Cameras vs Wireless Security Cameras

Surveillance cameras can be broken down into two types: wireless cameras and wired cameras. The main advantage of a wireless surveillance camera Toronto is that it is easier to install and can be moved around without much effort. However, wireless security cameras Toronto can sometimes have their signals interfered with by other devices such as wireless Internet connections or cordless phones.Wired surveillance cameras are hardwired into your home or business. The advantages to wired security cameras are that they are generally more reliable than wireless cameras. Wired surveillance cameras are more appropriate for permanent setups, if hardwiring is possible.

Black & White Security Cameras or Colour Security Cameras

security camera torontoWhen installing security camerasyou’ll need to make a choice between black and white cameras and colour cameras. Both options have their own strengths and weaknesses. Black and white surveillance cameras are better at filming in low light conditions and are often less expensive than coloured cameras. Coloured security cameras Toronto make it easier to distinguish individual items, articles of clothing and multiple items that are grouped together.

Bullet Security Camera

Bullet surveillance cameras are very adaptable and quite affordable. Bullet security cameras are long, thin cameras that can be placed indoors or outdoors. They are one of the most common types of security cameras and there are many different types of bullet cameras available. For outdoor use, there is weatherproof bullet security camera. These surveillance cameras Toronto can withstand wind, water, snow and other harsh weather conditions.

Dome Security Cameras

security cameraDome security cameras are small cameras that are covered by a plastic, often black, dome. Dome cameras are often placed indoors on ceilings, though they can be found outdoors as well. Their appearance allows them to be seen by potential criminals and allows them to act as a deterrent to crime. Another advantage to dome surveillance cameras is that the plastic often makes it difficult to tell which direction the surveillance camera is facing. This makes them much more difficult for people to avoid. There are also vandal proof dome security cameras that can survive some attacks.

Using Security Camera at Night

As mentioned earlier, black and white security cameras work much better than colour security cameras in low light situations. Several other types of surveillance cameras Toronto work well at night or in low light situations. as well. If you are going to be placing cameras in rooms where there will be hardly any light, you will likely want to consider an infrared surveillance camera. These cameras are able to pick up a great deal of detail in situations where barely any light is present.

Security Camera Toronto Monitoring

A surveillance system is not effective if it is not being monitored. With the cost of digital storage decreasing and storage capacity increasing, most surveillance cameras now record onto digital video recorders (DVRs). Recording footage onto a DVR is excellent for situations where you would like to have a historical record of activities within a home or business. Some surveillance cameras also have the option of viewing live footage over the Internet. This allows you to view your home or office remotely from anywhere with an Internet connection. The technology involved in today’s surveillance systems and security cameras Toronto is improving rapidly and opening up new options that will help secure your home or office better than ever before.