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Video Surveillance Info

Weatherproof Security Cameras

Winter is here, the freakishly freezing temperatures, the harsh icy cold winds, massive snow storms, wet sleet and slush storms are all examples of the type of weather conditions that we now face on a daily basis. These extreme weather conditions can have a tremendously negative impact on your exterior security surveillance equipment.

The damp air, below freezing temperatures and storms can disconnect the signal of your camera or even destroy it completely. Because security cameras are both a monetary investment and an investment in the safety of your property or family it is very important that if your exterior security camera be weatherproofed.

Weatherproof security cameras are a great way to provide security surveillance in extreme winter weather elements. Weatherproof cameras are housed inside an all-weather and waterproof casing. This casing guards the camera from the external weather conditions while at the same time allowing it to maintain its ability to record security footage.

The casing is sealed and protects against the destruction that is often caused by dampness, water, wind, condensation and snow. Weatherproof security cameras offer fantastic security protection for homes or businesses.

A weatherproof camera may also be useful in some interior locations. However areas such as workshops and warehouses that have a lot of dust and debris flying around could also implement a weatherproof security camera indoors to prevent any damage to the unit.

Weatherproof security cameras can be easily synced up with most security alarm systems to significantly add to your level of protection. Recent statistics indicate that the amount of loss can be reduced by 50% with the proper installation of security cameras, when coupled with an alarm system these stats can be reduced even further. Weatherproof security cameras or weatherproof casings are available wherever you can buy security cameras.

CCTV Cameras

cctv camerasThe first component to any security surveillance system is a Closed Circuit Television of CCTV security camera. A CCTV camera is what shoots and records the images of the locations you want to secure, therefore the level of your security surveillance is dependent on the CCTV cameras you choose to install. At SafeTech we offer a wide variety of CCTV cameras that can meet the security specifications or budget of any customer. Every CCTV security system that we carry can be synced up with a SafeTech DVR and/or a SafeTech alarm system to provide you with advanced security and protection.

Types of Security CCTV Cameras

There is a wide selection of CCTV cameras available on the market, each ranging in price depending on their level of technological advances. When selecting a CCTV camera, one of the first choices you must make is whether it is a black and white or colour feed. Black and white have often been implemented in environments with low light, however advances in colour CCTV camera technology have made them equally as efficient in low light as well as lest costly. Many customers elect to go with a colour CCTV camera because it provides a greater chance of producing a positive identification of any individuals attempting to steal or break into the secure area. There are also a few types of CCTV cameras themselves that you can choose from, a fixed, non moveable camera or a pan, tilt, zoom, (PTZ) security camera.

Fixed CCTV Cameras

A fixed camera is mounted in a location and provides a constant CCTV feed of that one particular area. Unlike PTZ cameras it can not move to get different angles. Fixed cameras function best when placed over a certain area that needs constant monitoring, like near entry ways, exits or over a specific object that needs constant protection. If you choose a fixed camera you still have a few options. The first is to install a camera body that allows for multiple lenses to be attached suiting certain environments or situations, these cameras are often used in industrial or commercial settings. The second option is a mounted camera with a fixed lens. These CCTV cameras are typically smaller and housed in small casings like a dome or tube. These cameras are significantly less expensive and are popular in home and retail settings.

Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) CCTV Cameras

The difference between fixed CCTV cameras and PTZ CCTV cameras is that the latter has the ability to rotate 360° horizontally and 90° vertically. This allows the CCTV camera to provide security surveillance for a larger area as the cameras can be programmed to do sweeps. Another interesting feature of a PTZ camera is that they can be paired with motion sensors to pan, tilt and zoom to a certain area when motion is detected. This attribute significantly improves the security of any area. PTZ cameras are usually mounted in dome housings, with smoked glass so that individuals can not determine where the camera is facing. For more information on SafeTech’s CCTV cameras contact us today.

Security DVR Systems

After you purchase and install a CCTV security camera the next step you need to take in assembling your security system is installing a Security DVR (digital video recorder). A DVR is one of the most important components of any video surveillance system.

While your CCTV camera shoots the digital video, the DVR is the device that actually records the video in a digital format, storing it in electronic memory in a hard drive. The security DVR is a technological advancement that offers tremendous advantages over the old system of recording security feeds on DVD’s or VHS cassettes.

Therefore it can be stated that a security surveillance camera is not being used to its full capacity if it is not synced with a DVR as it is the backbone of any video surveillance system.

security dvrA security camera that is linked with a DVR allows you to digitally record and store the surveillance footage from the camera on a hard drive. There is a great deal of advantages to installing a DVR system.

The first advantage is that storing security footage on a hard drive is much more efficient and compact than storing hours worth of DVD’s and VHS cassettes. Secondly a security DVR allows you to recall and search for footage of a specific date or time in a far more efficient and accessible manner than past options.

A simple search of the date and time in the hard drive will bring up your results. Once this footage is brought up it is easy to reproduce by burning it to a DVD. This way you can send copies to the police, insurance companies or any other authorities without compromising the original, which stays on your DVR.

One of the most innovative features of a DVR is that it allows you to view footage during playback in ways not possible with past technologies. With a security DVR you can fast forward or rewind through a video recording even as it continues to record, similar to the DVR you may have attached to your television cable system at home.

The last advantage of a DVR is that it can easily be linked with a PC or Mac computer to allow you to control your settings and increase the hard drive space in which you can store video.

DVR security systems can be linked up with any of SafeTech’s CCTV security cameras. Some of the models that work well with a DVR system are dome cameras, bullet cameras etc.

The overall effectiveness of any security system can be increased with the aid of a security alarm. At SafeTech we are capable of linking all of our cameras and DVR with a security alarm system. Whether you are looking to improve the security of your home or business SafeTech has the solution for you.

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Security Cameras & Monitoring Systems

If you have ever been a crime victim you are probably aware the psychological effects of crime can be profound. Still, security camera systems can prevent this result in the future.

We at SafeTech offer the complete package for home solutions from security cameras to monitoring solutions. All packages and offers include a lifetime warranty and 24/7 support.

security cameras

We are a Highly Professional Security Firm Focused on Our Clients’ Protection and Safety

Most of the time, home and business owners don’t make visible and noticeable improvements. This is why they get “attacked” by thefts. You will have peace of mind if you hire SafeTech to protect your home or business.

We Take Protection and Security Seriously

We go over and beyond by providing security protection services. We understand which type of security camera is best for a particular property. Our practice is also to hire the best security camera installers that will get the work done in no time and without errors.

The list of our clients just speaks for itself. 27 years in business have polished up valuable skills and approaches in our company. See below for more information on the advanced technology solutions we offer.

  • Push video technology
  • Real time SMS notification to your mobile device
  • Integrated video analytics
  • Object tracking

security cameras monitoring

New Video Verification Security System

security cameras video

  • Integrates directly into our existing monitoring Alarm Verification Software
  • Works with any existing security infrastructure or used as a stand-alone solution without a DVR
  • The operator has instant access to live and recorded video on an alarm event
  • Simplifies Guard Tours across multiple sites
  • Most cost-effective Video Monitoring and Alarm Verification technology on the market today
  • Instantly adds value to your existing and new customer base
  • Secure offsite video storage at our state of the art data center
  • Supervised video  technology ensures constant video recording
  • At any time customers have access to their live and recorded video

Reduce Theft by Over 50% Using Security Camera Systems

surveillance camera

There is no greater deterrent than the threat of someone having their picture taken at the scene of a crime.

Captured video security camera solutions (residential or business security system) from a surveillance system can match an individual to a place at a specific date and time.

Recent statistics indicate that the amount of loss can be reduced by 50% with the proper security camera installation.

In addition, the surveillance system can be used to monitor the behaviour of clients and employees, significantly increasing the productivity of the latter.

Keep Your Eyes on Your Business 24/7!

Explore our full line of systems (home alarm systems and business alarm systems) and CALL a security specialist today at (416) 229-9902 in the Greater Toronto Area or at 1-888-939-3733 outside Toronto. SafeTech Alarm Systems carries a full line of digital video recorder systems and security systems.

Reach Out to Our Security Camera Systems Experts

Reach out to us today to learn more about proper security camera installation, security cameras in Toronto and more.

Monitor your business or facilities cost-effectively with DVR based surveillance systems and cameras designed for specific situations – wireless, indoor or outdoor, day or night (IR) and even vandal-proof.

There are even security systems available that allow remote viewing of your facilities from anywhere with an Internet connection!

Check out our product selection by clicking on the images below:

IP security camerasIR security camerasPTZ security cameras
DOME security camerasdvr recorderswireless-security-cameras

Did you know that you can reduce crime and theft by over 50% by using video surveillance to secure your premises? State-of-the-art colour security camera Toronto can be used to cover point of sale cash transactions, stock room shelves, computer rooms and all entry and exit doors.

Also, all the images can be saved to a digital video recorder without the need to change tapes. Ask one of our security advisors how you can remotely record and view your cameras over the internet from anywhere in the world.

Different Camera Types and Different Uses

A security camera is an excellent way to monitor your home and/or business, protect your property and prevent theft and damage.

Every security system camera records what happens on your property, there are many different types of surveillance cameras and they can be used in a variety of different situations and settings.

Below are details about the different kinds of security system cameras as well as information on their uses and their advantages and disadvantages.

Wireless Security Camera Systems vs Wired Security Camera Systems

Wireless Security Cameras

Surveillance cameras can be broken down into two types: wireless security cameras Toronto and wired ones. The main advantage of a wireless surveillance camera in Toronto is that it is easier to install and can be moved around without much effort.

However, wireless cameras can sometimes have their signals interfered with by other devices such as wireless Internet connections or cordless phones.

Wired Security Cameras

Wired surveillance cameras are hardwired into your home or business. The advantages of wired cameras are that they are generally more reliable than wireless ones.

Wired surveillance cameras/security systems are more appropriate for permanent setups if hardwiring is possible.

Black & White Security Cameras or Colour Security Cameras

security camera torontoWhen installing security systems you’ll need to make a choice between black and white cameras and colour cameras. Both options have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Black and white video surveillance cameras are better at filming in low light conditions and are often less expensive than coloured cameras.

Coloured home security cameras in Toronto make it easier to distinguish individual items, articles of clothing and multiple items that are grouped together.

Bullet Security Camera

Bullet surveillance cameras are very adaptable and quite affordable. Bullet security cameras are long, thin cameras that can be placed indoors or outdoors.

They are one of the most common types of security cameras in Toronto and there are many different types of bullet cameras available. For outdoor use, there is a weatherproof bullet security camera.

These cameras can withstand wind, water, snow and other harsh weather conditions.

Dome Security Cameras

security camera

Dome security cameras are small cameras that are covered by a plastic, often black, dome. Dome cameras are often placed indoors on ceilings, though they can be found outdoors as well.

Their appearance allows them to be seen by potential criminals and allows them to act as a deterrent to crime.

Various Advantages of Dome Camera System

Another advantage to dome surveillance cameras is that the plastic often makes it difficult to tell which direction the surveillance camera is facing.

This makes them much more difficult for people to avoid. There are also vandal-proof dome security cameras that can survive some attacks.

Using Security Camera at Night

As mentioned earlier, black and white security cameras work much better than colour security cameras in low-light situations. Several other types of security camera solutions work well at night or in low-light situations as well.

If you are going to be placing cameras in rooms where there will be hardly any light, you will likely want to consider an infrared surveillance camera.

These security system cameras are able to pick up a great deal of detail in situations where barely any light is present. A proper security camera installation is a must.

Security Camera Toronto Monitoring

A surveillance system is not effective if it is not being monitored. With the cost of digital storage decreasing and storage capacity increasing, most surveillance cameras now record onto digital video recorders (DVRs).

Recording footage onto a DVR is excellent for situations where you would like to have a historical record of activities within a home or business. Some surveillance products also have the option of viewing live footage over the Internet.

Security Camera Installation and Security Camera System

This allows you to view your home or office remotely from anywhere with an Internet connection. Whether commercial security cameras or business security solutions, professional installation is a must. We offer the best wireless security cameras and professional installation.

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The technology involved in today’s security system is improving rapidly and opening up new options that will help secure your home or office better than ever before. If you choose us, you will receive a professional installation of your home security cameras as well as lifetime technical support.

The Advantages of Security Surveillance Systems

Installing a security surveillance system is one the best ways to protect your home or business from theft, break-ins, property damage and much more. In the last few years there have been amazing leaps and bounds in the security technology available to the everyday consumer. These technological advances have not only made security surveillances system more efficient, they have also made the high-tech systems more affordable. These days a high end security surveillance system is accessible to any individual regardless of budget. In addition to the price there are a number of reasons to invest in a security surveillance system, most relate to the technological advances that are now available.

One of the many advances that have taken place with security surveillance systems in the past few years is the switch from film to digital video. Aside from providing far superior picture quality when compared to the older analog security surveillance systems the new digital systems are also able to store a lot more data. By hooking up your digital security surveillance system to a DVR you are able to digitally record all of your security camera footage to a hard drive. This system allows you to store your security footage far more efficiently than in the past. Another excellent advantage of new security surveillance systems is that digital video can be replayed over and over again without jeopardizing the quality of the video. In addition a digital video saved on a hard drive can easily be recorded onto a DVD and sent to the police or insurance companies should you experience a break-in or property damage.

Security Surveillance System According to Sean O’Leary, the President of SafeTech Alarms Systems in Toronto, another great advantage of modern security surveillance systems is their ability to sync up with other technological devices, such as smart phones. Smart phones are one of the most innovative pieces of technology available on the market today. Through the development of mobile applications designed to do everything from receive e-mails to track global positioning, our cellular phones have evolved to essentially become mobile computers. “A few companies have developed mobile applications that can connect your mobile smart phone to your home security surveillance system through a wireless internet connection” says O’Leary, “these remarkable smart phone applications enable you to view your security camera feeds from the palm of your hand while you are anywhere in the world. As long as you have a sufficient internet connection you can monitor your home or business in real time”. Some applications will even notify you if your security surveillance system notices activity so you can ensure everything is alright. What’s more impressive is that most of these applications allow for you to view the feeds from multiple security surveillance system cameras at the same time in a split screen or quartered screen format.

There certainly have been some significant gains in the technology of security surveillance systems in the past few years. As previously mentioned at the outset of this article these advances have helped make these systems much more affordable and accessible to the average home or business owner.

PTZ Security Cameras – Point, Tilt and Zoom

PTZ Security CamerasOne of the most popular and effective types of security cameras that SafeTech offers are PTZ security cameras. PTZ stands for Pan, Tilt, and Zoom. Most PTZ cameras are housed in dome casings and have the capacity to pan which means move left to right and tilt which means move up and down.

A PTZ camera also has the capacity to zoom in and out. PTZ security cameras combine digital zoom with optical zoom to provide video surveillance.

The digital zoom is used to zoom in and out while the optical zoom uses lens motion. In order to determine the total zoom of a PTZ camera multiply the digital zoom by the optical zoom. Due to all of these features a PTZ camera is one of the best and most secure cameras that can be installed at a home or business to provide added security protection.

The functions of a PTZ camera are controlled by an external keyboard. The external keyboard allows for PTZ security cameras to be programmed to view a certain area, they can also be used to sync a PTZ camera with a security alarm system.

When an alarm is triggered the camera can be programmed to pan or tilt to the area where the alarm was set off. The motion of the panning and tilting can also be programmed into the camera using the keyboard. For example a PTZ camera can be programmed to pan a hallway every 5 mins.

In addition the panning and tilting can be triggered by motion. For example if movement is detected in the hallway the camera will interrupt its schedule to view the area where the motion was detected.

The movements of a PTZ camera are often hidden within the dome casing of the camera. The domes are often smoked or darkened so individuals can not determine the direction the camera is pointing. This factor adds to the security elements of the cameras because individuals must assume that the camera is focussed on them at all times.

PTZ security cameras come in a variety of configurations including but not limited to weatherproof and day and night. Day and Night cameras provide a colour feed in the day time but a black and white feed at night for optimal viewing. Some of the more impressive features of a PTZ dome camera are the fact that it can move in all directions including 360 degree rotation as well as viewing straight down or straight up.

There are a few ways that PTZ security cameras can be installed. They can be mounted in a variety of locations using different mounting techniques such as pendant and recessed mounts. Both forms allow the camera to be hidden while at the same time enabling the camera to get the best view possible of the area targeted for protection.

The protection of a PTZ camera can be significantly increased when it is paired with a security alarm system. The chance of a break-in, theft or damage when a PTZ camera and a security system are installed is dramatically reduced. At SafeTech we are happy to provide both PTZ dome cameras and security systems. For more information contact us today.