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CCTV Cameras

cctv camerasThe first component to any security surveillance system is a Closed Circuit Television of CCTV security camera. A CCTV camera is what shoots and records the images of the locations you want to secure, therefore the level of your security surveillance is dependent on the CCTV cameras you choose to install. At SafeTech we offer a wide variety of CCTV cameras that can meet the security specifications or budget of any customer. Every CCTV security system that we carry can be synced up with a SafeTech DVR and/or a SafeTech alarm system to provide you with advanced security and protection.

Types of Security CCTV Cameras

There is a wide selection of CCTV cameras available on the market, each ranging in price depending on their level of technological advances. When selecting a CCTV camera, one of the first choices you must make is whether it is a black and white or colour feed. Black and white have often been implemented in environments with low light, however advances in colour CCTV camera technology have made them equally as efficient in low light as well as lest costly. Many customers elect to go with a colour CCTV camera because it provides a greater chance of producing a positive identification of any individuals attempting to steal or break into the secure area. There are also a few types of CCTV cameras themselves that you can choose from, a fixed, non moveable camera or a pan, tilt, zoom, (PTZ) security camera.

Fixed CCTV Cameras

A fixed camera is mounted in a location and provides a constant CCTV feed of that one particular area. Unlike PTZ cameras it can not move to get different angles. Fixed cameras function best when placed over a certain area that needs constant monitoring, like near entry ways, exits or over a specific object that needs constant protection. If you choose a fixed camera you still have a few options. The first is to install a camera body that allows for multiple lenses to be attached suiting certain environments or situations, these cameras are often used in industrial or commercial settings. The second option is a mounted camera with a fixed lens. These CCTV cameras are typically smaller and housed in small casings like a dome or tube. These cameras are significantly less expensive and are popular in home and retail settings.

Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) CCTV Cameras

The difference between fixed CCTV cameras and PTZ CCTV cameras is that the latter has the ability to rotate 360° horizontally and 90° vertically. This allows the CCTV camera to provide security surveillance for a larger area as the cameras can be programmed to do sweeps. Another interesting feature of a PTZ camera is that they can be paired with motion sensors to pan, tilt and zoom to a certain area when motion is detected. This attribute significantly improves the security of any area. PTZ cameras are usually mounted in dome housings, with smoked glass so that individuals can not determine where the camera is facing. For more information on SafeTech’s CCTV cameras contact us today.