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PTZ Security Cameras – Point, Tilt and Zoom

PTZ Security CamerasOne of the most popular and effective types of security cameras that SafeTech offers are PTZ security cameras. PTZ stands for Pan, Tilt, and Zoom. Most PTZ cameras are housed in dome casings and have the capacity to pan which means move left to right and tilt which means move up and down.

A PTZ camera also has the capacity to zoom in and out. PTZ security cameras combine digital zoom with optical zoom to provide video surveillance.

The digital zoom is used to zoom in and out while the optical zoom uses lens motion. In order to determine the total zoom of a PTZ camera multiply the digital zoom by the optical zoom. Due to all of these features a PTZ camera is one of the best and most secure cameras that can be installed at a home or business to provide added security protection.

The functions of a PTZ camera are controlled by an external keyboard. The external keyboard allows for PTZ security cameras to be programmed to view a certain area, they can also be used to sync a PTZ camera with a security alarm system.

When an alarm is triggered the camera can be programmed to pan or tilt to the area where the alarm was set off. The motion of the panning and tilting can also be programmed into the camera using the keyboard. For example a PTZ camera can be programmed to pan a hallway every 5 mins.

In addition the panning and tilting can be triggered by motion. For example if movement is detected in the hallway the camera will interrupt its schedule to view the area where the motion was detected.

The movements of a PTZ camera are often hidden within the dome casing of the camera. The domes are often smoked or darkened so individuals can not determine the direction the camera is pointing. This factor adds to the security elements of the cameras because individuals must assume that the camera is focussed on them at all times.

PTZ security cameras come in a variety of configurations including but not limited to weatherproof and day and night. Day and Night cameras provide a colour feed in the day time but a black and white feed at night for optimal viewing. Some of the more impressive features of a PTZ dome camera are the fact that it can move in all directions including 360 degree rotation as well as viewing straight down or straight up.

There are a few ways that PTZ security cameras can be installed. They can be mounted in a variety of locations using different mounting techniques such as pendant and recessed mounts. Both forms allow the camera to be hidden while at the same time enabling the camera to get the best view possible of the area targeted for protection.

The protection of a PTZ camera can be significantly increased when it is paired with a security alarm system. The chance of a break-in, theft or damage when a PTZ camera and a security system are installed is dramatically reduced. At SafeTech we are happy to provide both PTZ dome cameras and security systems. For more information contact us today.