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Security DVR Systems

After you purchase and install a CCTV security camera the next step you need to take in assembling your security system is installing a Security DVR (digital video recorder). A DVR is one of the most important components of any video surveillance system.

While your CCTV camera shoots the digital video, the DVR is the device that actually records the video in a digital format, storing it in electronic memory in a hard drive. The security DVR is a technological advancement that offers tremendous advantages over the old system of recording security feeds on DVD’s or VHS cassettes.

Therefore it can be stated that a security surveillance camera is not being used to its full capacity if it is not synced with a DVR as it is the backbone of any video surveillance system.

security dvrA security camera that is linked with a DVR allows you to digitally record and store the surveillance footage from the camera on a hard drive. There is a great deal of advantages to installing a DVR system.

The first advantage is that storing security footage on a hard drive is much more efficient and compact than storing hours worth of DVD’s and VHS cassettes. Secondly a security DVR allows you to recall and search for footage of a specific date or time in a far more efficient and accessible manner than past options.

A simple search of the date and time in the hard drive will bring up your results. Once this footage is brought up it is easy to reproduce by burning it to a DVD. This way you can send copies to the police, insurance companies or any other authorities without compromising the original, which stays on your DVR.

One of the most innovative features of a DVR is that it allows you to view footage during playback in ways not possible with past technologies. With a security DVR you can fast forward or rewind through a video recording even as it continues to record, similar to the DVR you may have attached to your television cable system at home.

The last advantage of a DVR is that it can easily be linked with a PC or Mac computer to allow you to control your settings and increase the hard drive space in which you can store video.

DVR security systems can be linked up with any of SafeTech’s CCTV security cameras. Some of the models that work well with a DVR system are dome cameras, bullet cameras etc.

The overall effectiveness of any security system can be increased with the aid of a security alarm. At SafeTech we are capable of linking all of our cameras and DVR with a security alarm system. Whether you are looking to improve the security of your home or business SafeTech has the solution for you.

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