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Security Surveillance System

The Advantages of Security Surveillance Systems

Installing a security surveillance system is one the best ways to protect your home or business from theft, break-ins, property damage and much more. In the last few years there have been amazing leaps and bounds in the security technology available to the everyday consumer. These technological advances have not only made security surveillances system more efficient, they have also made the high-tech systems more affordable. These days a high end security surveillance system is accessible to any individual regardless of budget. In addition to the price there are a number of reasons to invest in a security surveillance system, most relate to the technological advances that are now available.

One of the many advances that have taken place with security surveillance systems in the past few years is the switch from film to digital video. Aside from providing far superior picture quality when compared to the older analog security surveillance systems the new digital systems are also able to store a lot more data. By hooking up your digital security surveillance system to a DVR you are able to digitally record all of your security camera footage to a hard drive. This system allows you to store your security footage far more efficiently than in the past. Another excellent advantage of new security surveillance systems is that digital video can be replayed over and over again without jeopardizing the quality of the video. In addition a digital video saved on a hard drive can easily be recorded onto a DVD and sent to the police or insurance companies should you experience a break-in or property damage.

Security Surveillance System According to Sean O’Leary, the President of SafeTech Alarms Systems in Toronto, another great advantage of modern security surveillance systems is their ability to sync up with other technological devices, such as smart phones. Smart phones are one of the most innovative pieces of technology available on the market today. Through the development of mobile applications designed to do everything from receive e-mails to track global positioning, our cellular phones have evolved to essentially become mobile computers. “A few companies have developed mobile applications that can connect your mobile smart phone to your home security surveillance system through a wireless internet connection” says O’Leary, “these remarkable smart phone applications enable you to view your security camera feeds from the palm of your hand while you are anywhere in the world. As long as you have a sufficient internet connection you can monitor your home or business in real time”. Some applications will even notify you if your security surveillance system notices activity so you can ensure everything is alright. What’s more impressive is that most of these applications allow for you to view the feeds from multiple security surveillance system cameras at the same time in a split screen or quartered screen format.

There certainly have been some significant gains in the technology of security surveillance systems in the past few years. As previously mentioned at the outset of this article these advances have helped make these systems much more affordable and accessible to the average home or business owner.