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200 Floors Wireless Video System

200 Floors Wireless Video System

Elevator Wireless Video System

Many elevators are equipped with hard-wired surveillance cameras, which are extremely costly requiring hours of labor, hundreds of feet in traveling cable and the inconvenience of closing a vital service down for hours if not days. Using VideoComm Technologies’ new wireless elevator video system, this property manager was able to have a working system installed and fully functional within three hours saving both time and keeping costs down.
The installer in this application mounted the video transmitter in the false ceiling of the elevator cab, connected the video cable from the corner mount camera and powered the device on. The same method was used at the top of the shaft where the receiver was mounted on the exterior wall in the elevator mechanical penthouse.

Until now, wireless video systems have not been a practical option when installing an elevator surveillance camera. The harsh RF environments in commercial and residential buildings caused by 802.11b/g data networks, along with the constant motion of an elevator surrounded by steel interfered with wireless analog systems and consequently output a poor video signal. VideoComm Technologies all-new Wireless Elevator Surveillance system transmits high-resolution encrypted digital video up to 200 floors. This innovative system is the only wireless system on the market capable of transmitting license-free video in the most crowded RF environments with advanced OFDM digital immunity to signal interference and a 64-bit encrypted data stream. The RT-Wave series features a revolutionary pre-configured design and does not require setup, software or programming, minimizing installation time and maximizing results.

The industry’s only wireless elevator camera system delivers Real-Time, DVD quality encrypted digital video up to 200 Floors. Featuring a revolutionary pre-configured plug-and-play design, the system does not require software, setup or programming, minimizing installation time and maximizing results. Choose this wireless system for the most extreme elevator surveillance applications.

All New 5.8GHz Mobile OFDM Dual Diversity 802.11a Wireless Elevator Video System Range up to 200 Floors.


  • Revolutionary pre-configured plug & play design
  • Transmits Real-Time DVD quality video up to 200 floors
  • Digital immunity to signal interference
  • Lightning fast hardware based MPEG-4 encoder & decoder
  • Industry leading 5-tier input power management system
  • 64 Bit encrypted data stream (optional 128 bit)
  • Automatic system pairing and on screen status display
  • No connections to the elevator mechanics or traveling cable
  • No maintenance or inspections required
  • Deters vandalism, trespassing & other criminal behavior
  • Easily identify employees, residents, and visitors
  • FCC & IC approved for license free use


All New 5.8GHz Mobile OFDM Dual Diversity 802.11a Wireless Elevator Video System Range up to 200 Floors. 
Operating Frequency:Dual Radio 5.725GHz – 5.875GHz @ 20MHz Bandwidth
Frequency Control:Automatic Channel Selection
Modulation Format:OFDM (BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM)
Security Authentication System:Private SSID 64 Bit Encrypted Data Stream (WEP) Optional 128 Bit
Data Rate:6 mbps – 54 mbps
Latency:Less than 0.5 sec
Video Compression Format:Hardware Based MPEG-4
Radiated Power:450mW
Range (Line of Sight):Up to 200 Floors
Antenna Type:6 x 3dB Omni-Directional Rubber Duck Antennas
Antenna Dimensions:0.75 IN x 6.25 IN
E Plane Beam Width:50 Degrees
H Plane Beam Width:360 Degrees
VSWR (Return Loss):<1.5:1
Antenna Gain:3dB
Camera Type:Corner Mount 1/3 IN Color SONY CCD
Lens Type:Board lens 2.8mm @F2.0
S/N Ratio:>48dB (AGC Off)
SYNC / White Balance:Automatic
Minimum Illumination:0.4 Lux / F1.2
Camera Construction:Vandal Proof IP-66 Rated Enclosure
Camera Weight:1,650g or 3.6lbs
Video Format:NTSC
Frame Rate:30fps NTSC / 25fps PAL
Receiver Sensitivity:54 mbps @ -72dBm to 6 mbps @ -90dBm
Resolution:480 Lines
Video Connector Format:BNC Male 75 OHMS @ 1 Volt Peak-to-Peak
Video Impedance & Level:75 Ohms @ 1 Volt Peak to Peak
Audio Connector Format:BNC Male
Audio Impedance & Level:600 Ohms @ 1 Volt Peak-to-Peak
Power Supply Included:Switching 12VDC @ 2 Amps – CEC Class IV
Current Consumption:0.8 Amps
Operating Voltage:12 – 30 Volts AC or DC
Surge Protection:ESD Surge / Lightning Protected up to 1,500 Watts
Mounting Brackets Included:Two Universal Wall / Pole Mount – # BRK-250
Temperature Range:-40F to +160F
Dimensions:7.0 IN x 7.0 IN x 4.5 IN Each Enclosure / Camera 8 IN x 8 IN x 3 IN
Weight:0.8kg or 29oz Each Enclosure
Includes:All Weather Digital Tx & Rx, Remote Control, 6 x 3dB Rubber Duck Antennas, 2 x 12VDC Power Supplies, 2 x Universal Mounting Brackets, Vandal Proof Corner Mount Camera, Operating Instructions & One Year Limited Warranty
FCC / IC Approved:License Free – Professional Installation